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Día de Patrimonio/Heritage Day

In Uruguay, the first Saturday of October is Día de Patrimonio, or Heritage Day, an event sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Sites all across the country open for visitors for free, similar to OpenHouse London. 99 more words

Varela Withdraws From Council Race


For Immediate Release

June 22th, 2016

“Varela Withdraws from council race”

After acknowledging a lack of required valid signatures, Mr. Varela submitted paperwork to the Flagstaff City Clerk withdrawing from the City Council race. 93 more words

Ethical Know-how-Action, Wisdom and Cognition

How can science be brought to connect with experience? This book by Francisco J. Varela addresses two of the most challenging problems facing contemporary neurobiology and cognitive science: first, understanding how we unconsciously execute habitual actions as a result of neurological and cognitive processes that are not formal actions of conscious judgment but part of a habitual nexus of systematic self-organization; second, creating an ethics adequate to our present awareness that there is no such thing as a transcendental self, a stable subject, or a soul. 240 more words


I am a Catholic Doctor

Our Faith will always be tested, anywhere, anytime and anyhow. It can disguise itself in any form and there is no escaping from it. At the end of the day, it will all depend on whether you stood up for your faith or bowed down and accepted defeat. 444 more words


Autopoiesis, Culture, and Society

The concept of autopoiesis has long surpassed the realm of biology. It has been used in areas so diverse as sociology, psychotherapy, management, anthropology, organizational culture, and many others. 80 more words


Varela no se presentará ante comisión de Régimen Penitenciario de la AN este miércoles

La comparecencia de la ministra para Asuntos Penitenciarios, Iris Varela, ante la comisión de Cultos y Régimen Penitenciario que estaba en agenda para el próximo miércoles fue pospuesta a petición de la funcionaria, quien comunicó que no podía asistir a la fecha pautada. 139 more words