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Song covers = Different messages?

As I’ve been planning on what to do for my last project for MEDA102, it’s clear to me that I am most interested in doing something with my guitar. 272 more words


First Ever Deming Education Conference

As regular readers of this blog know, my first book, The Man Who Discovered Quality, was about W. Edwards Deming, the management guru who helped transform Japanese industry after World War II–the Toyota Production System was developed in collaboration with Deming–and later helped “rescue” U.S. 359 more words


National Frappé Day

This article is based on an original post that first appeared on the Kitchology Blog entitled How To Make the Perfect Frappé? 

By: Nikki Nies… 692 more words

Nikki Nies

First time teaching

Gugup, langkah kakiku melewati ambang pintu masuk. Rita mengikuti di belakang. Aku tak berniat mengedarkan pandangan ke seantero kelas. Penghuninya telah kuketahui, sekitar tigapuluhan mahasiswa. Heterogen, dari adik angkatan yang semester satu sampai para kakak angkat yang semester sembilan. 502 more words

Fictionazing World

The Variation Among Light, Medium, And Heavy Wedding Bands

When searching for some classy and stunning wedding bands online, you may come across some bands that are same in looks, but differ in price. You might be surprised and think is the online jewelry shopkeeper is cheating you or trying to fool you. 133 more words

Repetition and Variation thoughts

Roughly four more weeks before I submit my last assignment for my subject and there have been a two ideas in my head on what I could do and so far, I’m still contemplating on which one I should do. 270 more words