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Haphazard Review: The Unfortunate Ko

In the game of Go, a mistake can appear out of nowhere. Just when one thinks the game is over, a misplaced stone can turn the win into a defeat or an easy win into an all-or-nothing ko fight. 739 more words


Just how accurate are current genetic/genomic tests in the diagnosis and prognosis of prostate cancer?

As we have pointed out regularly over the years, all prostate cancers are by no means the same. And a recently published paper in European Urology… 763 more words


Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #19!

This fortnight’s variation is the Double Rock Step!

Make your rock steps double the fun with this rhythmic variation!


Mr. X's Poetry: Departure

The train arrives and blows its whistle prop’r

As it does stand prepared to take our thoughts

To planes beyond ¬†another world, the copp’r

Does make a change to gold, men bought… 110 more words


Mr. X's Poetry: Falling Fast

You see my soul? It’s falling fast below.

It leaves no trace, these bloody stains don’t fade.

Afraid to sleep for death awaits at night. 90 more words


Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #18!

This fortnight’s variation is the Leg Lock!

Experiment and see where you can fit this simple variation in your dancing!


Simon Says

Overview: The teacher tells students to do a specific gesture, and the student do it.

Set up: Students stand up in the classroom and should have enough room to move. 352 more words