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REVIEW of "Mr. Darcy's Persistent Pursuit" by Elaine Owen

What if Elizabeth Bennet was civil on her refusal at the Hunsford Parsonage? What if Mr. Darcy discovers his own “guilt” without Lizzy yelling at him? 492 more words

Jane Austen

A super suggestion for the linguistically lazy

“Super” is a super word. Well, it’s really more of a prefix. It’s Latin for “above,” which is why the superstructure of a ship or a building is on top rather than down in the bilge or the basement. 437 more words


'Beyond Budgeting': There is a better way!

So this post is part 2 of a two-part piece in respect of budgeting.

Part 1 (The Great Budget God in the Sky) introduced the ideas that: 1,593 more words

Brain Farts

REVIEW of “The Houseguest” by Elizabeth Adams

What a torture if you have the love of your life at home during three weeks and you are clueless of how to behave! (apart from a gentleman-like manner, obviously!) 505 more words

Jane Austen

Mighty No. 9 Obtains Yet One more Launch Date on PS4, Vita Variation Obtains Pushed Back Even more

The saga proceeds

Mighty No. 9, also called Kickstarter Huge Male: The Eternal Struggle, apparently has a launch day. The side scrolling title has been delayed around 18,000 times formerly, so we’re simply hoping that this day’s going to stick – – but just because… 17 more words


A Year in My Yard: Strength in Diversity

When we look at each other we can very quickly pick out the subtle differences between individuals, our brains are hard-wired to identify faces and pick up on the minuscule changes in facial muscles.   534 more words

Five Reasons Why Your Company is Learning Disabled

When it comes to operating in a complex environment, we all suffer from a learning disability. Look at this way—nobody learns how to fly a 747 by sitting down on the flight deck and randomly pushing buttons. 808 more words

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