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Well here is another one that seems to be now going around .. finally.

Now I have reported many times and started off by someone called Calum or the list was named after someone that died called Calum. 1,138 more words


My daughter called me to tell me she was in hospital ..

This is 250 miles away from me.

She got called in because after years of having a blood clot issue they have now finally realised from a RECENT blood test that she has a S Protein Deficiency. 959 more words

Why do some people get varicose veins and others do not?

Varicose veins, ranging from the blue splotches of spider veins to the thick, ropey and twisted dark varicose veins that can make standing and walking painful, have much in common. 556 more words


Top 10 Foods for Improving Blood Circulation

There are many reasons that can result in poor blood circulation in the people. It can happen due to a sedentary lifestyle, genetic condition, overweight, diabetes, peripheral artery diseases, etc. 868 more words

Endovenous Laser Therapy

Husbot goes to hospital

This week has brought more challenges with husband being sent to hospital on Thursday!

About two weeks ago, he got big red rash over one of his thighs where he some rather large varicose veins. 433 more words

In Germany

Garden Freebies

How perfect when the garden provides you with a crop of medicinal herbs.  Herbs that you didn’t have to raise from seed, or plant, or forage for.  715 more words


Discouraged Much? Me Too!

I was looking forward to 2018 with great expectations.  This is what I wrote in my journal about the coming year.

The Best is Yet to Come… 1,174 more words

Voice Of God