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Self-Management Tips for Managing Varicose Veins

Controlling or eliminating varicose veins on your own is not possible. But with some self-care, you can help minimize their intensity and even potentially reduce how many you develop. 143 more words

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3 nonsurgical ways to cover unsightly leg veins

Warm weather is here, and with it comes shorter hemlines, lighter fabrics and more skin showing. Unfortunately, 20 percent of all adults, and 50 percent of adults over 50, experience varicose veins, predominantly women. 360 more words


Treatment & Surgical Procedures for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are basically gnarled & enlarged veins. While any vein may be likely to become varicose, most commonly affected veins which become varicose are those in legs & feet. 2,320 more words

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Day 11 - Blood Pumping Through My VeinsĀ 

From start of high school I slightly noticed something weird with my legs but didn’t take it as a ‘oh should probably checked this out’. As the years went on it got to be a slight problem, my legs were heavy and hurt here and there. 539 more words

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How Laser Treatment Experts In Chicago Remove Varicose Veins Effectively

It has become a cosmetic norm for people to look for varicose veins laser treatment Chicago. True, this condition does pose a cosmetic problem but the real problem comes in when these veins that are not carrying the deoxygenized blood from the veins to the heart now start to pose health problems. 115 more words

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