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Será que você sabe estudar? - Descubra seu estilo de aprendizado

Seu professor informa que você terá um teste em alguns dias. Como você se prepara para este teste? Senta e lê todas as suas anotações sobre o assunto? 580 more words

Aprenda Inglês

VARK is an initialism which delineates channels through which we can learn. It stand for:

  • Visual
  • Aural
  • Reading / writing
  • Kinaesthetic

(More coming soon…)

Inclusive Learning.

To answer these questions I want to draw upon a variety of my own learning experiences:

  • A restraint training workshop with my colleagues which tested my visual and kinaesthetic ability to learn;
  • 919 more words

Hur löser man ett problem?

Smärta, trötthet och ångest är några av alla besvär som gör livet svårt för många människor. För mig är det andfåddhet. Jag vill att anfåddheten helt skall försvinna och känna att det alltid är lätt att andas. 796 more words

Social Och Mental Rehabilitering


Claire Elise Boucher (alias Grimes) seorang musisi electronic asal Kanada yang eksentrik nampaknya sedang ‘bertobat’. Pada bulan lalu ia merilis sebuah album baru yang nampaknya menjadi awal dari perubahan genre dari sang musisi. 245 more words


Edible Gold and Silver--for Decorating (before Devouring!) the Human Body during Sexual Foreplay

“The procedure, it is said, is simple:  The body part is slightly moistened (if nature has not already seen to that!), then the tissue paper bearing the metal leaf is gently placed onto the body part, metal-down (“growers” and “show-ers” calculating accordingly). 1,775 more words

This is Your Brain on Podcasting

It’s March 12, 1933, and the President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has just come on the radio because as he says, “I want to talk for a few minutes with the people of the United States about banking.” He then proceeds to inform the country of nation-wide bank closures to stop a surge of mass withdrawals (we’re in the middle of the depression, here). 617 more words

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