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I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the finished Brass Thief in a way that payed homage to his first appearance in Ravenor Returns.

‘The Brass Thief rose to its feet. 499 more words


Crisis Averted?

Disaster struck while priming the Brass Thief. Everything seemed fine until I took a closer look at the model while it was drying and the ancient curse of white primer had struck again – he looked like I’d covered him in PVA and rolled him in sand. 241 more words



Nu gör det ondare när jag sväljer OCH smärtar konstant i käke, hals och nacke. Officiellt den absolut värsta dagen hittills, vet inte vad jag gör om det fortsätter såhär.


Learning Styles

Learning Styles and Behaviour theories:

Within self reflection I have discovered that I work in a more hands on approach (kinesthetic) as well as a visual too meaning I learn from watching; demonstrations, tutorials and methods. 526 more words

Kolb's Learning Styles

David Kolb developed a set of learning styles, published in 1984, to help explain the learning behaviours of humans, and to also assist individuals with understanding and improving their own learning, whether it be in an academic or practical sense. 777 more words



Want to figure out your learning style? Try this questionnaire! Some of the questions were hard for me to answer, but most of them were pretty obvious in my case. 28 more words


PTE 401 Review

The text for this course is The community College Experience. The author Amy Baldwin has created a student reference guide that is based on her experiences both as an educator and as a student. 1,143 more words

PTE 401