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Another Beautiful Ceiling

Another ceiling that I just finished up this morning,On this particular ceiling the owners just wanted not really a stain finish but just a slight amber/ natural finish..Furst step for this job was to apply a sanding sealer ..This step is one of the most important that most people forget about.The reason for this step especially in stained wood is to seal the stain for sanding purposes(to sand wood without removing any stain ) and to help make your varnish lay down mush smoother.Fot the finish coat we used a sikkens outside varnish,,This type of product is excellent for outside use because of its high uv protection,,To get a slight amber look we used an amber varnish.Two coats of the varnish was applied ,,.So this just quick recap and thank as always for looking..

Deck Tales

I know, I know!  4 MONTHS SINCE MY LAST BLOG!!!  What can I say, I’ve been busy…and procrastinating…and, and…that’s all I got.  Anyway, let’s get caught up on some happenings! 1,524 more words

Home Renovations

My Favourite Art Supplies - Varnish Effects

Liquitex Varnishes: Gloss, Satin, & Matte.

The Review:

Having these on hand allows you to create contrast effects within your paintings. Placing a gloss finish next to a matt finish can imitate effects of depth. 55 more words

Exploring Creativity

What is waterproofing? Do I need it?

Waterproofing is the process that protects the boot’s outsole from the water damage that would result from the skate making contact with the ice. If you have a skate with a PVC bottom (the plastic based outsole) then you do not need to waterproof your boot. 218 more words

Skate Care

Bahamas Boat Project Recap!

“Go, go!  To the Bahamas you must!” said our good friend Pam.  As she went on and on about their fresh Bahamian bread and jam.  So “go, go!” we decided: “To the Bahamas or bust!”  But first Phillip and I had to break out the boat projects list and blow off the dust. 1,845 more words

Boat Projects

Recycle Your Old Paint And Paint Packaging

This week, a thoughtful person posted in the Gippsland Unwrapped Facebook Group that there will be a pop-up Paintback event at Bunnings, Warragul on the 18th November. 444 more words


Some thoughts on varnishing and finishing a painting

Here are some thoughts on varnishing and finishing a painting.

When the time comes to finish a painting, my varnish of choice is Kamar Varnish by Krylon. 434 more words