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The Perfect Nude Nails

For me having beautiful nails is one of the little joys in life. They can add a pop of colour to an outfit or be used to create a polished look or accentuate jewellery. 208 more words

My Private Little Forest

I love forests, trees, wood and what-else-is-there-not-to-like-about-these-matters. We had some trees cut up in our garden past year and we kept the lumber, for burning it later on. 245 more words

Wet Plate Collodion

More Blood Bowl Humans: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Gloss Varnish

(…with apologies to Stanley Kubrick.)

These were painted some time back, but due to every toy soldier painter’s worst nightmare (Matt Varnish) their debut into the wider world has been severely delayed. 710 more words


My new nails!

The colours I use!

60 second lasting finish blue!

Gold varnish!

And clear finishing coat!

These have lasted about 3 weeks!

Amazing! –

My steps ; … 101 more words