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Yoga Sūtra 4.24

tat-asaṃkhyeya-vāsanābhiḥ citram api para-artham saṃhatya kāritvāt

That (mind) with innumerable vāsanā, indeed (has) another purpose. (It) is variegated because (its) activity is joined (with the senses and sense objects). 164 more words

Yoga Sūtra

All for a piece of loin cloth! - parable and questions for reflection on the desire for possessions

“A man once took instruction from a wandering holy man. After a few days the holy man went away leaving his disciple to meditate in a hut on the outskirts of a small village.

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Exploring Vāsanas: Experiences stay with us

Experiences and impressions stay with us. Some of them come through as distinct visual memories and some are less obvious, but all experiences leave a residue. 609 more words



It was only at the battlefield that Arjuna realised the value of seeking. He was flamboyant, fun loving, wild and never did he anticipate fighting a battle as massive as the one he fought at the Kurukshetra. 722 more words


Yoga Sūtra 4.8

tataḥ tat-vipāka-anuguṇānām eva abhivyaktiḥ vāsanānām

From there, according to the ripening of (karma), indeed there is the manifestation of the vāsanās.

The vāsanās are the dormant tendencies that reside within our subconscious world. 189 more words

Yoga Sūtra


Message from the book “Day after Day with Swami Dayananda”

Parameśvara is understood through the śāstra. But even after exposure to the śāstra and analysis of it, one can still have the orientation that he is the body (deha-ātmā-buddhi). 137 more words

Swami Dayananda