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Ruutu Vases - Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

These vases were made by wooden moulds or inflating molten glass into wooden cast through a blowpipe. Ronan called the textured surface as “rain on a window”.

Tanpa Kategori

Still holdin' on

The pickings are slim in the garden this time of year, but the goldenrod, cosmos and garlic chives are still so pretty. Displaying them in simple, clear glass vessels emphasizes their delicate beauty…and lets me hold onto these last days of summer just a bit longer.



I’m slowly becoming obsessed with vases and it is kind of annoying since my apartment isn’t big enough and doesn’t have enough surfaces to have vases on. 111 more words


Episode 162 - The Blame Game!

When is a book *not* a book? When you can’t figure out what the heck point it’s even trying to make. This week, Christy Admiraal from Nerdist and The California Diarists Podcast joins me to talk about(?) “The Berenstain Bears and the Blame Game!” It’s a book that almost ceases to be a book and ends up being just a bunch of pieces of paper. 16 more words

Berenstain Bears

Yes I Wrap, Don't You?

One of the common features of desktop 3D printing is the sharp, hard feel of plastic with that scratchy horizontal layered surface finish. Sure plastic has many benefits, but when you handle 3D prints all day long you sometimes forget that there are other textures in the world that are soft, delicate, pleasurable to touch. 383 more words


Buying Alabaster in Luxor, Egypt

One of the things that Luxor, and Egypt in general, is known for is alabaster and our guide made sure to take to one of the alabaster factories. 394 more words