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Buffalo Wild Wings Says That Buffalo Wild Wings Is The Best Place To Watch March Madness

Buffalo Wild Wings is struggling these days. So it makes sense that the chain, which has run March Madness ad campaigns for years, would be going at it from a different angle this year. 96 more words

"Stop....Drop....Shut 'em Down...We Closin' Up Shop..."

Honestly… I  feel like I was lied to.  “It’s not that bad,” they said.  “A couple of days, and you’ll be as good as new,” they claimed.   255 more words

Disconnect (A Poem)

anatomy continues free

the business in virility

settled down with magic wands

and stainless steel to poke a hole

my worms are taken from the dark… 22 more words


My vasectomy story

I’m writing this 4 days after my vasectomy so the experience is certainly fresh in my mind, and the dull ache is certainly there in my pants! 1,421 more words


Fun Facts About Vasectomies

A vasectomy will not affect your sexual performance; however, thinking about your vasectomy will kill the mood REAL quick…

According to medical professionals, there is no pain after a vasectomy. 177 more words

Vasectomy message boards...are they helpful? Well...yes and no.

Online themes focus on relaying personal experience or to obtain information on expectations after vasectomy.

I was told by a lawn management consultant that the soccer field I was trying to improve was of the “Heinz 57” variety.

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No Scalpel No Needle Vasectomy

Monday Memories - Back to Coventry

Continuing my series of memoir snippets as we return from our year and a half living in South Africa.

Our visas lasted only 3 months and were, accordingly, renewed every 3 months. 939 more words

Monday Memories