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Tubal ligation arguments

  1. I never want to have lids by being pregnant.
  2. I was pregnant once, had an abortion, and the pregnancy itself was a very violating experience. I understand “all pregnancies are different “
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Tubal ligation and vasectomies

Step 1: get your GP to refer you. Check. Done. My GP is amazing.

Step 2: have referring doctor approve me. Must have a good case for having tubes tied. 43 more words

Snip, Snidin' Away

I had a vasectomy. There. Now you can never not know that about me.

Yep. I just upped the friendship level here by about a thousand. 3,146 more words


Rick Stacy On Demand 3.14.18

Rick’s Clip o’ the Day – Broadway producer Ken Davenport is making a musical about the inventor of The Miracle Mop.

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Last week my husband had a vasectomy. When I passed this information on to a well-meaning mum at soft play, she replied, “Wow. Brutal.” 778 more words


Aborting my fourth child, only to eventually miscarry.

I haven’t been able to write about this, until now. Not even sure if I am ready to now. But I fell unexpectedly pregnant last November with my, technically, 5th pregnancy. 1,241 more words


Am I Done Having Children? How Do I Know?

Photo Credit Alison Johansen, Mothernova. (2013)

Are you done having children? Have you ever asked yourself this? Are you asking yourself this right now?

How do I know if I’m done having children? 529 more words