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 Permanent methods of contraception

Permanent methods of contraception or sterilization is a way to prevent pregnancy by a permanent method.In men the procedure is known as Vasectomy and in women it is known as Tubectomy. 557 more words


It's 2018 - why is female sterilization still performed more than vasectomy?

Sterilization is the most widely used birth control in the US , followed closely by female hormone treatments such as the pill .

But permanent birth control – sterilization – is vastly different for men and women in terms of cost, risk, and recovery for the patient. 1,338 more words

Hair cut

This is a bit off topic but fuck it it’s my blog and I can write what I want. Today my husband had a vasectomy and we don’t have kids already *shock horror*. 967 more words

Vasectomies Slowly Gaining Acceptance in Kenya

In Kenya and many parts of the world, family planning is mostly considered a woman’s responsibility. Procedures that affect men, like vasectomies, are often shunned and stigmatized. 566 more words

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No Booze, No Fear, No Heavy Lifting For Two Weeks

Not many males, at least according to my Facebook feed at the weekend, are fans of Royal weddings. Some blokes, unhappy with the option of simply… 1,021 more words

I want my wife to go on birth control. Help.

To V or not to V

Dear FP

I have fantastic young kids and an awesome marriage to the greatest woman I have ever known.  She is a few years younger than me with an ageless soul – she is truly the best ever.   308 more words