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Esther 7:9, Question 7. Why does Achashverosh order Haman killed without consultation?

  • The Ginzei HaMelech writes that Achashverosh did not ask for advice because he was never sure if Vashti’s refusal to obey him stemmed from her feeling disrespected by his use of chamberlains to retrieve her (Esther 1:10).
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For centuries, the Jewish people have been putting on comic dramatizations of the Book of Esther called Purim shpielen (Yiddish for ‘plays’) on the holiday Purim. 137 more words

The Downfall of Queen Vashti

It’s not enough to be beautiful! It’s not enough to be educated! It’s not enough to be gifted. Beauty, Intelligence, Gifts and Talents cannot keep a throne! 29 more words

Rhema / Logos

The One Thing God Cannot Do.

    “So it shall be written; so it shall be done!”

   Who can forget those immortal words spoken by Rameses in the classic The Ten Commandments… 873 more words

Doubting Your Vision?

The Generous King

Also Vashti the queen made a feast for the women in the royal house which BELONGED TO KING AHASUERUS.                              ~Esther 1:9

Those of us who have received a message/sermon from the book of Esther will agree that the focus is on the young, beautiful, virgin. 152 more words

Masterpiece Monday

The Waltz of Winter 

By: Jahna Vashti

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Masterpiece Monday

Vashti, Disobeyed a King

Reference:  Esther chapter 1

Heart of the Story: Queen Vashti refused to appear before a drunken king and his drunken guest so the king divorced her. 662 more words

Obscure Characters