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Queen Vashti of Persia

Now it took place in the days of Ahasuerus, the Ahasuerus who reigned from India to
Ethiopa over 127 provinces, in those days as King Ahasuerus sat on his royal throne which was at the citadel in Susa, in the third year of his reign he gave a banquet for all his princes and attendants, the army officers of Persia and Media, the nobles and the princes of his provinces being in his presence… And he displayed the riches of his royal glory and the splendor of his great majesty for many days, 180 days. 1,146 more words

Biblical Women

I'm On Team Vashti

Why does the Book of Esther start with Chapter 1 instead of Chapter 2? What is the relevance of the story of how King Achashverosh fired Queen Vashti to the rest of the book, which tells the story of Esther’s rise to power and the king’s trust and the salvation of the Jewish people? 237 more words


Waiting for a picture...

It was just another weekend.

I ran some errands for my mum and I was waiting for a picture, literally.

No, it was not my birthday, I was not keeping tab on my weight and I wasn’t celebrating anything…yet. 207 more words


A tale of two women: reclaiming the Purim narrative

This guest post is written by Nechama L. Content note for mention of sexual coercion / assault

The holiday of Purim, beginning this evening at sundown, has always been one of my favorite holidays.  1,028 more words


A Freilicha Purim! Happy Purim!

It’s that time of year again people! No, not Jewish Halloween (which yes, I have heard the holiday referred to as) It’s Purim!!

The holiday originating back to about 4th century BCE in the land of Persia. 385 more words


Esther vs a Hamantashen: What Would You Rather Be on Purim?

When I was three, four and five years old, my mother used to dress me as a hamantaschen (a three-cornered triangular cookie, filled with jam or some other sweet filling) for the Jewish holiday of Purim. 806 more words