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Start-up event report: Founding a company in Switzerland - 22 Nov 16

I attended this workshop organised by Startups.ch which went through the main steps of creating a company in Switzerland and explained the different choices to be made. 2,441 more words


Under pressure from national governments, Commission lowers VAT rates for e-books

Booksellers will be able to sell e-books with low VAT rates to match the discounts already applied to paper books under a change to EU tax law announced today (1 December). 788 more words


Autumn Statement 2016

Chancellor Philip Hammond has delivered his Autumn Statement 2016, which is the first major review of government finances since the EU Referendum, and Mr Hammond’s first major statement since taking responsibility for the work of the Treasury in July 2016. 5,546 more words


VAT & Food supplies... Is it nuts?

A client is a VAT registered specialist food supplier. They supply roasted nuts and this particular customer has asked the client if he can supply the nuts roasted but without the shells on. 164 more words


Good news

You couldn’t make it up.  A small band of angry women, about to lose their small businesses because of a piece of legislation that they knew nothing about till it was right in their face, angry that the legislation had been made by people who knew nothing about them and hadn’t done the due diligence to find out they even existed, take on the might of HMRC and the EU tax authorities… 159 more words

Bit Of Politics

Fund of BRACU Humans -Charity Initiative

বাঙালিই নাকি একমাত্র জাতি যারা ফেসবুককেও কোন একটা উছিলা ছাড়া ব্যবহার করে না। আমরা যারা ব্র্যাক বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের ছাত্রছাত্রী তারাও এর বড় একটা ডেমো। একটু পেছনে ফিরলেই দেখবো ক্লাব ইলেকশনগুলোর নির্বাচনী প্রচারণার বহর। মোক্ষম একটা হাতিয়ার ছিল এই ফেসবুক। নিজের প্যানেলের জন্যও করেছিলাম এর ১৬-আনা ব্যবহার। আরেকটু ঘাটলেই চোখে পরবে যৌন হয়রানির বিরুদ্ধে সব স্টুডেন্টদের সহাবস্থান। ফলাফলও সবার জানা। আর ভ্যাটবিরোধী আন্দোলনের কথা তোলা বলাই বাহুল্য। কি ছিল? 12 more words


EU's new VAT rules likely to make ebooks cheaper

The European Commission is proposing to let member states reduce the rates of value added tax (VAT) on digital books and newspapers.
Under the current EU rules, member states are only allowed to apply reduced VAT rates to physical books and newspapers. 585 more words