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Ayurveda Exercise Recommendations for Winter and Spring

These days there is no disputing the fact that exercise plays an important role in supporting both our physical and mental health. Exercise increases circulation and helps remove toxins and impurities (called “ama”) that have accumulated in the physiology. 541 more words

Vata Tips

Instant naan!

Gisteren poste ik al de mungbonenstoofschotel waar ik zelf zeker 2 keer per week van smikkel. Maar ik kon jullie niet het recept van de heerlijke naan die ik er soms bij serveer onthouden. 854 more words


Gele geluksrevolutieschotel om een "crowd" te voeden

Ik verbaas me er altijd over wanneer ik uit mensen hun woorden opmaak dat ze denken dat ik iedere dag uren in de keuken sta. Niets is minder waar. 714 more words


What we do

Our treatments here at Ashishveda generally are to aid in the following conditions

Restoring balance
Improving Holistic Healing
helping you to connect your body-mind-spirit
Boosting your immunity… 397 more words

Pear, Sultana and Almond Cake

After my diagnosis with arthritis last year, I have made quite a few dietary changes. One of these, which is also in keeping with the principals of my current ayurvedic diet is to give up coffee. 253 more words

Ayurvedic Food

Air and Snow

I can’t write. I can’t sleep. There goes more of the wine, and some chocolate, and I’m surrounded by walls of boxes. Then I sleep. I sleep more deeply than I have in ages, but the dreams make no sense; I’m used to that, this week. 345 more words


Butter and Lime Cod

Sticking with Ayurveda – Butter and Lime Cod

Going on any sort of restrictive diet is difficult, and whether you are eating to your Ayurvedic type, looking for raw food, or just trying to eat food that is not processed, finding and preparing healthy food can be challenging at best. 194 more words

Ayurvedic Food