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Last week in my yoga class, I got injured. I tried to play it off, and not draw attention to the fact that my left hand was experiencing some sort of nerve or tendon pinch. 807 more words

Meditations for Vatas: 4 Healing Techniques for the Wandering Mind

Some people naturally have trouble concentrating, but Vatas especially tend to have a difficult time , I know this for a fact as it’s my primary Dosha! 763 more words

Ever heard of Vata, Pitta and Kapha?

Acording to Ayurveda, a dosha, is one of 3 substances that are present in the body of a person. Also called the 3-dosha theory, it discribes how the quantity of these three substances fluctuate in the body, according to our actions, thoughts, emotions, the time of day, the seasons, the foods we eat and any other imputs that feed our mind and body. 590 more words


5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Morning Routine

Good morning sunshine! Here are five morning rituals I’ve gleaned from Ayurvedic teachings that I have found to make a huge difference in my day. As a Vata dosha I thrive on routine, so these are especially nice to set up my day for success. 629 more words

Bagajul de maternitate

Cand ne-am intors din luna de miere am aflat ca sunt insarcinata in 8 saptamani. (Citeste si Cum am aflat ca sunt insarcinata, aici! ). Fiind prima sarcina nu stiam la ce sa ma gandesc mai intai: patut, carut, camera bebelusului, nume de fata sau nume de baiat (nu stiam inca sexul), ce am voie si ce nu am voie sa fac, ce am si ce nu am voie sa mananc etc. 696 more words


New Mexico is, if one could give it an Ayurvedic dosha, basically vata. Vata is warm and dry, and has a quality of air and space. 99 more words


Back after 10 years, a whole new person

I’m taking my workshop on the road!

So very honored and excited to return to the Dallas/Ft.Worth area where I went to college and lived many years. 65 more words