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Fall flavours

Cucumber, kale, mint, dulse, spirulina, cilantro and lemon balm infusion. I drank my usual summer green smoothie this morning. By the time I got upstairs to dress, I couldn’t stop clearing my throat and coughing. 383 more words


Eka Yoga Grand Opening Party

Come to Eka Yoga’s Grand Opening Party on Sunday, September 4th! There will be a free Tri-Doshic yoga class from 12-1:15pm, followed by an open house from 1:15 – 3pm with food + drinks, giveaways, pop-up shops featuring a local jewelry designer + t-shirt designer, and a fun + growing community. 31 more words


Tri-Doshic Playlist

Inspiration || Aligns + creates balance for all doshas. Cultivates a grounding + stabilizing practice for vatas, warming + mindful flow for kaphas, and cooling + restorative practice for pittas.

Length || 75 min.


Morning Yoga/ Ayurveda Routine

Since my consultation at the Ayurvedic Center of Vermont, I have made a few changes to my morning routine that have increased my happiness, well being and groundedness throughout the day. 766 more words

Summer on a plate caprese salad

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Some things just belong together. Like champagne and caviar, ghee and ginger, summer and tomatoes or tomatoes and mozzarella. I know, I know, I know. 800 more words


Ayurvedic Consultation

I decided to book an appointment at the Ayurvedic Center of Vermont to learn more about my specific Ayurvedic type and how I could integrate my knowledge of that into my diet, yoga practice, and lifestyle. 410 more words

License to chill smoothie cocktail bowl

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I believe summer was made for smoothie bowls. They are so quick, yet so beautiful, delicious and light. Plus nice and healthy. 499 more words