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Prakriti – Demystifying this ancient Sanskrit Word

As the famous Greek aphorism goes, “Know Thyself”. The ancient science of Ayurveda  allows you to know your Prakriti (your natural constitution) and make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to stay in health. 342 more words


The Three Doshas

The Three Doshas are the keys to each individual’s nature. Every individual on our planet is unique in one way or another. Each one of us is different from everybody else, but why? 307 more words


Oamenii nostri de omat!

In acest inceput de iarna noi am creat oameni de omat din vata!

Proiecte Didactice

Power Oatmeal Breakfast by Christie Smirl 

Breakfast is such an important meal of the day. Studies show that people who eat a balanced healthy breakfast have steadier levels of energy, better concentration, healthier digestion, higher metabolic rates and maintain healthier weight. 178 more words


Ayurveda. What is it?

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest healing systems, beginning in India over 5,000 years ago. Its principal belief is that all things are connected, whether living or not. 223 more words


Roasted Squash & Yams with Sweet Spices & a Tahini Lime Dressing

A common perception about ‘Ayurvedic’ food is that it is Indian food and vice versa. Hundreds of years ago, this may have been true, but overtime, trade, economics, immigration, migration, personal tastes, priorities, availability, population, media, etc…have influenced India’s cuisine. 1,374 more words


Queen of the Chakras

When working with the 7 main energy centres of the body, it can be difficult to know where to start or where to focus your work. 265 more words