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Ayurvedic Tips & Tricks for Safe & Healthy Travels

A simple & quick little video on how to use Ayurveda to ease the uneasiness and discomfort caused by Jetlag on long, tiring travels. These helpful tips help relieve aggravated Vata Dosha, allowing you to recover quickly and enjoy your trip.

Dr. Isha

Ginger, the Universal Medicine

We are in the height of cold and flu season. My house was sick with colds all last week, and it forced me to be grounded in a sick body that needed purging. 220 more words


Vata, Pitta or Kapha! What dosha are you?

According to Ayurveda the tridoshas are the three primary life forces in the body & they are also termed as the Biological humors. The tridoshas are energetic forces that influence nature & human beings. 1,074 more words



Going through the list of qualities below – there is likely one or two columns you will relate to most.

The beauty of Ayurveda is that it recognises everyone is unique and will be made up of a unique combination of all the elements. 529 more words

What is your Dosha?

The great thing about learning, is that quite often on the journey, there are so many other paths to discover. I have come across Ayurvedic massage before, but in the context of everything I am learning now on my yoga course, this ancient Indian tradition has taken on a whole new meaning. 577 more words

exploring doshas

Today, I set out to complete some homework from my last YTT module. There were some case studies that incorporated peoples doshas into their treatment plan so I did some investigating to find out more about them. 243 more words