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Ayurvedic Consultation

I decided to book an appointment at the Ayurvedic Center of Vermont to learn more about my specific Ayurvedic type and how I could integrate my knowledge of that into my diet, yoga practice, and lifestyle. 410 more words

License to chill smoothie cocktail bowl

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I believe summer was made for smoothie bowls. They are so quick, yet so beautiful, delicious and light. Plus nice and healthy. 499 more words


New Schedule!

I am adding the following classes to my schedule at Eka Yoga — a new studio in lower Queen Anne that re-connects the practices of Yoga + Ayurveda. 181 more words

The heat is on....

Summertime and the livin’ is easy……….

Or so the song goes. Not for all of us though or at least not all the time, for some, the increased temperature plays havoc with our Zen. 1,203 more words

My Story

Oven baked Greek green asparagus

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As you may be well aware I love asparagus, and especially green ones. But I did get in a bit of a rut on how to prepare them. 577 more words



On New Moons release the past, any habits, conditioning, thoughts, beliefs that aren’t authentic or no longer serve you.  

Write them down, then burn them as you visualise and feel yourself let go with love and gratitude for how they have served you up until now. 721 more words


Kitchari Fest

These days I am on an Ayurvedic experimental ride. Exploring feelings, thoughts & foods, all based on the Ayurvedic principal.

Ayurveda, the science of health, is a combination of a lot of things, so I begin to realize now. 881 more words

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