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The "Hell Yes!" Avocado and pistachio sandwich

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I often get asked if I never ever eat bread anymore. My answer always is “Hell Yes!”. Which has the very “healthy” among us flinch with disgust. 704 more words


Apple and Raisin Breakfast Risotto

Breakfast on an Ayurvedic diet can be a bit tricky. Out go the eggs (Pitta aggravating), and the toast (drying for Vata) so you have to be a little inventive and open minded when it comes to how you start your day. 134 more words

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recommended reading // eat + taste + heal

This book Eat, Taste, Heal: An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living by Thomas Yarema, Daniel Rhoda and Johnny Brannigan has changed my life back for good. 1,613 more words


20 вопросов для ватников

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  1. Почему Донецк и Луганск – это «Новороссия», но когда над нею падает пассажирский самолет – эта территория вмиг превращается в Украину?
  2. Наемничество – уголовное преступление в России.

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Tumeric and Tarragon Risotto

Basmati rice is one of those grains that is usually touted to be OK to eat, so I make most of my risotto’s with Organic Basmati Rice. 143 more words

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Jewelled rice pilaf

So by now you know that I am a big sucker for anything shiny and colourful. So when I found this recipe I felt like shouting ,,Where have you been all of my life?”. 1,513 more words


Goddess Annapurna's aubergines

As long as I can remember cooking has always been a sacred act to me. As is feeding people. I’ve never been much of a religious person but the kitchen, without a doubt, is my church. 1,268 more words