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Meals in Harmony with the Seasons - Moroccan Stew

It was only 60 years ago that factory farming started to take off and change our American way eating.  Before that time most of what is taught regarding seasonal eating in Ayurveda was common knowledge.  539 more words


Healing Journey: Girl on Fire

The first post of new year for Nourishing Storm.  Go see what the tribe has in store for the community in 2017!

I sat with the new year, the new me theme in my mind. 689 more words

Smokin' Sweet Cranberry Chiptole Chutney

With the craziness of the holiday season, I should have, could have, but didn’t post my cranberry sauce recipe in November. Ce la vie, at times. 555 more words


Staying Flexible And Pain Free as We Age

I’ve noticed that many friends over the age of 60 have switched their modes of exercise to less aggressive or intensive sports. Most of them were prompted by whispers from sore elbows and knees and/or aching muscles. 414 more words

Vata Imblance

Ayurveda ... Doshas ... Kapha ...

I’ve heard much chatter about Ayurveda, but have read little. Today I decided to dabble …

Having listened to one of my favorite podcasts, … 1,278 more words

Vata: An in-depth look 

For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to determine the best way to open the discussion about Ayurveda. Then it hit me – we are in the middle of vata season, so it is the perfect time to explain this dosha! 625 more words


YOLY Challenge #31: Warm Up to Ayurveda

The term ayurveda means the “science of life.” Its practice utilizes diet, herbs, bodywork, breathing and meditation in a holistic fashion for healing the body. Ayurveda teaches us how to harmonize ourselves with sunrise and sunset, the seasons of the year, and the stages of life. 551 more words

YOLY Challenge Of The Week