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Ode to Classicists

“After browsing among the stately ruins of Rome, of Baiæ, of Pompeii, and after glancing down the long marble ranks of battered and nameless imperial heads that stretch down the corridors of the Vatican, one thing strikes me with a force it never had before: the unsubstantial, unlasting character of fame. 111 more words

Rome 1.2- Vatican Museum & St. Peter's Basilica

Ahhh our first morning waking up in Italy. It definitely felt like we woke up in the middle of the night (which we kind of did due to jet lag), but once we got some coffee it started to sink in… WE ARE IN ROME! 1,289 more words


This morning we went to see the Pope! Each Wednesday he gives a service to the public which is huge and we were lucky enough to be pretty close to the front! 119 more words

Vatican images

The Belvedere Torso: The most favoured hypothesis presently identifies it as the Greek hero Ajax, son of Telamon, in the act of contemplating his suicide. The story is told how, during the Trojan Wars, Ajax is enraged when Achilles’ armour is awarded to Odysseus and not himself, and kills himself. 316 more words

The Vatican, confessional grilles and sociopolitical history


Along with a couple of artists in residence here at the BSR we braved a trip to the Vatican Museums on Friday, but wisely chose to book an early night visit. 287 more words

Opulence and sanctity in the Vatican

January 2010 – (WARNING: a # of touristy pics ahead) When in Rome there is no excuse not to go to the Vatican. It’s literally right there and you get to say that you’ve been to the smallest country in the world! 454 more words