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【法意】准备就绪!—— 租车、火车票、预定入门票

圣托里尼的自驾游教会我们一件事 —— 自由自在。

圣托里尼的自驾游让我们许下一个愿望 —— 此后的每次行程,我们都想自驾,就算旅途中的一部分,也好。


在衡量了所有的因素过后,我们终于决定保留 La Spezia – Rome 这段路程为自驾旅程,途经 Tuscany  的田园风光。 还好,巴黎和意大利的火车和地铁系统十分方便,我想从火车的窗口看出去,也会是很棒的体验!


租车的费用是透过第三方网站 —— kayak.com 查询的。经过一轮比较后,选择了 Hertz 租车公司,除了因为车款比较适合我们,更因为它属于比较大的租车公司,很多地方都有分行,方便取车、还车。租车还有一方面需要顾虑的就是保险。许多租车公司都有提供保险,而保险又分为许多类别。我们选择了比较昂贵的 Zero deductible. 如果发生什么碰撞、或者车子被盗偷,都不需要赔偿什么。当然,这样的保险配套是比较贵的。可是,换来的无后顾之忧是无价的。 11 more words


Italy 2015 ~ The Vatican

For our last day in Italy, we had tickets for the Vatican Museums. But first, breakfast and a whirlwind walk to see the Pantheon and a few last minute sites for the girls to tick off their list. 598 more words

Travel: ITALY

My Vatican City Experience by Emma

It was my second day in Rome, tired from the previous day, I woke up late, had breakfast and stopped at the hotel reception to draw up the day’s itinerary. 176 more words

Places #1 - Rome

My switch from street to travel photography has added a new dimension to my work. It has opened up a whole new world of opportunities to create a collection of wonderful locations. 80 more words


The Renaissance Masters

Italy means art. It is where 70% of the world’s artistic heritage is to be found. It’s where the Renaissance was born. It is due to the great number of peoples that passed through the territory of the country leaving their trace and influencing over its cuisine, architecture and art. 581 more words

Punky Funky Stuff

Protect Michelangelo's masterpiece

Hey there,

Hope you are well today.

I’ve been having a look through my blog archives! Over the next few weeks I’m planning on reposting a few posts from earlier blogging days that cover some of my fascinations. 403 more words

Elle Turner

Top 5 travel hacks for a more enjoyable Roman holiday

A Roman holiday may be the next adventure you want to tick-off your bucket list.  You may already be planning visits to the Trevi Fountain to throw coins and wish, to the Sistine Chapel to stare at its magnificent frescoed-ceiling, or to the Colosseo to imagine how gladiators fought. 899 more words

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