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The meeting that changed the World

Tony Blair went to the Vatican to meet Pope Benedict XVI because in a dream he saw Jesus Christ in a record store selling his himself. 162 more words

Confidant of Pope Francis condemns US religious right

The Rev. Antonio Spadaro, editor of the influential Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica, said a shared desire for political influence between “evangelical fundamentalists” and some Catholics has inspired an “ecumenism of conflict” that demonizes opponents and promotes a “theocratic type of state.”Spadaro also took aim at conservative religious support for President Trump, accusing activists of promoting a “xenophobic and Islamophobic vision that wants walls and purifying deportations.” Trump has sought to bar travelers from six Muslim-majority countries and vowed to build a wall on the Mexican border. 450 more words

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The Vatican Museums in Vatican City

When traveling to Rome, one of the highlights is taking the time to visit Vatican City and specifically the Vatican Museums. Throughout history, the Popes have collected artistic treasures from throughout the world. 481 more words


Pope Spotted Wearing Tyrone Jersey In Rome

Following on from the news that the Tyrone senior team regularly pray together before big games, it has emerged that the Supreme Pontiff is monitoring the situation and was spotted wearing a Tyrone jersey with ‘McCarron’ on the back of it. 212 more words


Day 17: July 1 - Vatican 

We woke up early in the morning and immediately got on a bus to the Vatican. We had gotten tickets for a 7:15am early entry before the crowds were allowed inside, and it came with a breakfast buffet in one of the courtyards. 638 more words

Callista Gingrich nomination to the Vatican stinks on ice

What passes for job qualifications inside the Beltway

❝ Let us consider the qualifications of President Trump’s nominee to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Holy See: one Callista Gingrich of Virginia.

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