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Brampton man facing five charges after store robbed, police officer assaulted

A 25 year-old man is facing a number of charges stemming from a robbery and an assault on a police officer on Monday evening in Vaughan. 198 more words


Born This Day in 1797 ~ Eleanor "Nellie" CLARK

Name: Eleanor “Nellie” CLARK

Birth: 16 June 1797; Washington County, Pennsylvania

Parents: George CLARK and Hannah VAUGHN

Spouse: Frederick FISHEL

Death: 16 September 1859; Carroll County, Ohio… 9 more words

Born This Day

Log #10: A Magic Window and Food from the Pig

Captain’s Log #10

Date: 27th of June

Location: Glass Palace

Conditions: Ominous

I can no longer trust O’Flaherty.

I have never warmed to the man; his introduction of the position of Quartermaster, a Caribbean invention with no place on a good Irish ship, and his near-instantaneous assumption of that position, were close enough to mutiny to have him strung to the yardarm and shot in the belly on many another ship. 3,791 more words

Damnation Kane

Overwatch Pro's Racist Tirade Ends His Career

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Most pros’ careers end in injury, deteriorating mechanical skill, or just when their interest in competing runs dry. Toronto Esports’ Matt “Dellor” Vaughn opted for a different end: A very long, very public stream of racial slurs during an Overwatch game. 329 more words