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Australian mum reveals her adorable quintuplets in photo shoot

Australian mother Kim Tucci who gave birth to quintuplets on January 28, 2016, just shy of 30 weeks, released a photo shoot of her surprise newborns. 218 more words


Andrew Pask

Andrew Pask is the Urban Planner II for the municipality of Vancouver. He studied and achieved a graduate degree in urban planning. He is also the founder and director of the Vancouver Public Space Network. 155 more words


Compared to a Blue Whale

We are tiny

Humanities greatest achievements are – slightly – less great

Skyscrapers are not to tall

We can’t imagine travelling that far on one breath… 57 more words

Fangirl Freakouts: iZombie Finale Excitement

Hi Internet People,

With the iZombie finale fast approaching I thought I would do a video all about my thoughts, fears, and feelings going into the two hour event. 41 more words

TV Shows

Open-source Culture

I’m curious as to how ‘open-source culture’ will affect us in the coming decades. This notion of free information for all is a relatively new idea that seems to be gathering momentum. 75 more words



Safe injections sites can serve an important purpose in Vancouver. Especially in a space in such dire need as the Downtown East Side.

A safe injection site results in less outdoors injections, less sharing of needles, and less overdoses which greatly decreases the weight being transferred to our hospitals. 43 more words


On love.

Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not boast. It doesn’t puff itself up. It doesn’t envy or compare itself to others. It rejoices in truth and believes all things. 359 more words