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Lionfish Likely to Stay in Gulf

The 2nd Annual Lionfish Removal and Awareness wrapped up this Sunday in Pensacola.

And this year the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the invasive fish came in bigger and more plentiful than ever before. 230 more words


How Perjury in Restraining Order Cases Is “Incentivized”

“Perjury in restraining orders is actually incentivized, not only by failing to prosecute it, but by allowing one-person hearings (ex parte) to get the orders originally, a super-low burden of proof to issue orders, no juries, a judiciary which actually gets training from feminist groups about the need for issuing orders, no rules of evidence to keep out unreliable phony stuff like hearsay, and much else. 513 more words

Restraining Order Abuse


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Chronicles of Restraining Order Abuse (March 2016)

What follow are a selection of personal accounts of false accusation and restraining order abuse posted to the e-petition, “End Restraining Order Abuses,” in the past 30 days. 577 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

No One Is a VICTIM Just because S/he Says S/he Is: A Reminder for Reporters…and Other People Who Shouldn’t Need Reminding

I looked at a form I was handed a couple of weeks ago at a criminal arraignment I was ordered to attend. The form gives the impression I was supposed to sign it, which no one asked me to do. 637 more words

Restraining Order Abuse


基于针对妇女暴力法案(VAWA)的修改,移民局在2016年3月8日公布新的工卡政策。这个政策是允许某些非移民身份的配偶,假如能够证明受到他们的配偶虐待,可以申请有效期为两年的工卡。这个政策只适用于以下非移民身份的配偶:A (外交官员),E-3(澳大利亚公民的工作签证身份),G (外国政府或国际组织工作人员),H (工作签证身份)。



Tribal leaders attend briefing on the Implementation of the Violence Against Women Act: Push to Further Protect Native Women

More than 100 people accepted the invitation to attend a congressional briefing, Violence Against Women and Implementation of VAWA 2013 Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction held February 23, 2016 in Washington, D.C. 918 more words