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Supporting the Alleged Offender

Sometimes I feel like all we talk about these days as higher education/student affairs professionals is Title IX, VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), DCLs (Dear Colleague Letters), SASH (Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment) related cases, and whatever new, related mandate is coming out of the White House. 1,007 more words


New Housing Help Session this Friday!

Coming up this Friday: the first in our two-part series of fair housing webinars. April is Fair Housing Month, and we’re getting started early by focusing on two areas where housing professionals often have questions. 150 more words

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Register now for the latest guidance in fair housing

Our Housing Help Sessions for March and April are all about fair housing, specifically reasonable accommodation and VAWA 2013. As you may know, April is… 171 more words

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"Hey, Boehner; Show Some Stones For Once": The Right Wing Is Toothless And Congress Is Essentially Leaderless

So here’s something I’ve often wondered over the last few years. What exactly would happen if John Boehner bucked the right-wingers in the House? You know—if he gave us one of those heroic Hollywood moments that we so long for in this sail-trimming city and gave a big speech about how he was putting principle ahead of politics and the consequences be damned. 1,017 more words


A Voice for Men Publishes Awful "Aesop Fable" About Women Who "Cry Rape"

Out of all the adjectives I could use to describe Men’s Rights Activists, the words “clever” and “humorous” would not be among them. Paul Elam, the head of A Voice for Men, believes that applauding violence against women… 1,857 more words


Q&A: Model VAWA 2013 informing notices

QUESTION    What are the current notification requirements for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)? Our agency provides a brochure from the local advocacy group to families upon admission to the housing choice voucher or public housing programs. 305 more words

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This month’s Housing Help Session is an all-purpose refresher course on the latest guidance from HUD.

Do you have questions about flat rent requirements, biennial inspection options, changes in the HERA final rule, the new equal access notice, or how VAWA affects your program? 195 more words

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