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Using ClosedXML.Excel with ASP.NET to Generate Excel Documents on the Fly

I’ve been playing around with the ClosedXML.Excel library for creating or reading MS Excel documents in your ASP.NET code. Bottom line is that this tool is going to save you a lot of time: 728 more words


Difference between int, Int16, Int32 and Int64

In the learning phase developer are not much aware of the difference between primitive, FCL (framework class library), reference, and value types. This cause bugs and performance issues into the code. 224 more words


Swapping of 2 Numbers without using 3rd Variable

In this post we will see how to swap two numbers without using third variable. Check below sample codes.

1. Using (+,-)

a = a+b = 4+5 = 9     // Should Not Overflow
b = a-b = 9-5 = 4
a = a-b = 9-4 = 5… 191 more words

Alternative to .NET IDE/ Visual Studio

As we all know, Microsoft won’t allow developers to use free copies of their .Net compilers unless the developing is for learning purposes only. In other cases, freelance developers or companies should buy Microsoft Visual Studio for a few thousand dollars, which is unreachable for many. 201 more words


So Long..Just Dropping By

It’s been three months since my first post. I have been too busy with school works and couldn’t find any time to write. I’m actually still busy with our other school projects, but I just drop by here to post our work. 276 more words

Value Type and Reference Types

The Types in .NET Framework are either treated by Value Type or by Reference Type. A Value Type holds the data within its own memory allocation and a Reference Type contains a pointer to another memory location that holds the real data. 338 more words