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This is my blog about DIY projects that I do. I’m a maker who works on DIY projects as a hobby. I did my first projects using Arduino, but I work with other platforms too. 48 more words


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (VB.NET)

I wanted to design something capable of Automatic Number Plate Recognition, but soon realised it’s quite a tedious task, so began searching for an SDK or API. 268 more words

Reading XML Nodes into correspondingly named VB.NET Textboxes

Question : How do I read XML node-values (from an XML file) into correspondingly named VB.NET Textbox controls ?


    Programming Widgets Inc.
    Ben Franklin
    Lead Programmer
… 102 more words

Bölüm 1 ! Güvenlik Önceliğimiz

Herkese merhaba genjlerr ben esa nasılsınız bakalım ?

Bugün size çok önemli bir konu anlatacağım

Güvenlik hepimiz için önemli biliyoruz bunu bizde kırılması imkansız değil ama güzel bir uygulama yazacağız o halde hadi başlayalım ! 79 more words


POS and Inventory Software Package

A POS and Inventory system is a software based solution used to simultaneously track sales activity and inventory, where a single transaction entry records necessary details on the customer, products purchased, price and date while also updating the inventory levels. 224 more words

Client Server

How to Make VB.net Listview Show Icon Smooth.

before i figured it out, my listview displayed icons that do not have upper edge or have some black pixels in it. i mean they were not smooth.. 81 more words