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Build Simple AI .NET Library - Part 1 - Basics First

Series Introduction

My objective is to create a simple AI (Artificial Intellegence) library that covers couple of advanced AI topics such as Genetic algorithms, ANN, Fuzzy logic and other evolutionary algorithms. 1,977 more words


GridView: Findcontrol from HeaderTemplate/ItemTemplate

How to find item template control in GridView?

Dim chkHeader As CheckBox = DirectCast(gridView1.Row.FindControl(“chkHeader”), CheckBox)

How to find control from header template in grid view? 96 more words


[VB.NET] FindAll and Predicate

In this short post we’ll see how create a simple predicate class to use with FindAll.
The following code lists all files presents into a directory and filters only with by “txt” extension. 84 more words


ASP.NET DataGrid: Conditionally Coloring Cell Background Color for a Column Based on the Cell Contents

If you are writing a report using a .NET DataGrid, it’s very possible that you’ll want to conditionally highlight key data in the report. 588 more words


[VB.NET] How to convert hexadecimal IEEE 754 Standard to Binary Floating Point

 'INPUT: It is a hexadecimal number of eight characters
'RETURN: Single Floating Point
 Function HextoFloatIEEE(txt As String) As Single
        Dim out As Single
            Dim by(3) As Byte
            Dim i As Integer
            For i = 0 To 3
                by(i) = Convert.ToInt32(txt.Substring(i * 2, 2), 16)

            out = BitConverter.ToSingle(by, 0)
        Catch ex As Exception
            out = 0
        End Try
        Return out
    End Function

'How to use it:
Dim convert As Single = HextoFloatIEEE("44AC6353")' Result: 1379.10388

[VB.NET] Cross thread exception, How to solve it?

How to write Text value of TextBox from another thread in WPF I use the delegate

If would you like to write/update a text of textbox control from another thread, I use the delegate in this way. 84 more words


[VB.NET] How to install application windows service without using installutil

In this post I show you how to implement install or uninstall your application service, Without using installutil application.

Into your Service Project locate ProjectInstaller.vb file… 196 more words