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Teaser | Visual Studio | VB.Net & Oracle Database

Okay, my last few posts were all about VB.Net & utilities for Windows domain administrators. Doesn’t mean that I stopped being a Oracle bouy ;) I still earn my salary for the Oracle job I do everyday at work and once after managing to purchase a legal copy of Visual Studio 2013 Professional Edition, I am committed to develop few sample applications using VB.Net & Oracle database.

So, stay tuned




Sort Combobox VB.NET

Please find really simple code below to sort your combobox control in ascending or descending order.

  ' Create dataview (I assume you have got your data in your datatable!)
  Dim dv As DataView = New DataView(dsEmp.Tables("MemberData"))
  ' Display Name is columns name that you would like to bind with Combobox
  dv.Sort = " Asc"
  cboEmpName.DataSource = dv
  cboEmpName.DisplayMember = "Display Name"
  cboEmpName.ValueMember = "Display Name"


Reading and writing files in VB.NET

Some years ago, I developed a word processor application in VB.NET that I myself used for some time as a replacement to the popular notepad. The most important part of the application was developing an ability to read and write files from the hard disk. 509 more words


Using SharePoint RPC to Create Directories

Applies To: SharePoint, VB.NET

SharePoint provides many ways to create directories and to upload documents. One of the oldest, and possibly least understood, ways is to use the… 2,210 more words


VB.NET - fonction de séparateur de millier sur le Leave malgré la région

Function separateurDeMillier(entree As String) As String

Dim al As New ArrayList

For Each s In entree



Dim resultat As String = “”

Dim count As Integer = 0… 49 more words


VB.Net | Appending an existing XML file

VB.Net | Appending an existing XML file

XML is widely used by .net oriented programming. It is vast and learning XML could be requiring loads of dedication. 553 more words


Calling a WCF service using SOAP in unit test or with VB Script on a classic ASP page

I created a WCF service in .Net and this was fine for .Net customers who use the Add Service Reference wizard easily enough.
However one customer was on classic ASP and he found it difficult to connect. 495 more words