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Synchronous Delegate in VB.NET

I didn’t know why I would need one either until the need came up (“Oh no, my UI is on a different thread!”). Delegates are described as similar to function pointers in C++ in the Microsoft documentation. 636 more words


Handy C#, VB.Net & SQL Code Snippets

Date time – how to initialize a date

DateTime value = new DateTime(2017, 1, 18);

Concatenate string list into comma separated string

 List<string> message = new List<string>();
      message.Add("Record exists");
      message.Add("Invalid data format");
      message.Add("Duplicated record");
      string output = String.Join(", ", message.Where( m=>
                      (m.Length != 0)));

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Comprehensive Introduction to VB.Net Course

National Institute of Skilled Training (NIST) is a leading training solutions provider, offering educational and professional training to hundreds of student across Karachi, Pakistan. At NIST, we provide our students an environment where they can learn and get an opportunity to build a career through professional and personal development. 361 more words



Before getting deeply into the subject we will first know how Businesses are related to
Internet, what .NET means to them and what exactly .NET is built upon. 151 more words


Getting System Information With WMI and VB.NET

I’ve been getting back into developing with Visual Basic lately. I’ve learned much of what I need to know in the past while in college; or so I thought. 639 more words


Crystal Report error tampilkan data di PC 64 Bit

coding dengan windows x86 menggunakan access database kemudian dijalankan pada windows x64 membuat crystal report tidak bisa terbuka. langkah yang dilakukan secara garis besar : 26 more words

Client Information Management Systems


By studying the work process in an Auditor’s office, I found that they are not using proper computer application for their client information instead they used excel spreadsheets to save the data which ย mainly lacked accuracy,validation in some important id proofs such as PAN NO, AADHAR NO.,And it also takes more time for calculating various amounts,finding any particular data and information of the clients.ย  817 more words