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[VB.NET] Convert String Date to Date without using Culture

The normal data conversion depends on system language and/or date format.
you use this brief code if you do not want to manage the culture. 28 more words


Interview questions

  1. Given an array of integers write a function in C# to sum all the numbers that are even (any developer should be able to quickly write this out on a white board or paper, no need for tooling).
  2. 860 more words

Dynamic class usage when class is specified by a string

In this post we’ll look at, well, it’s in the title isn’t it?

To demonstrate this functionality, we’ll create a windows form that resembles the following, with some basic controls to allow us to interact with the classes; 1,397 more words


select distinct from datatable in vb net

Example 1

To populate the datatable to the listbox 

DtResult as DataTable

Dim distinctfruits As DataTable = dtResult.DefaultView.ToTable(True, “type_of_fruits”)

ListBox_1.DataTextField = “type_of_fruits”

ListBox_1.DataValueField = “type_of_fruits” 25 more words

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[CONSOLE] Install/Uninstall Windows Service

If you’re developing a Windows Service by using the .NET Framework, you can quickly install your service application by using a command-line utility called InstallUtil.exe. … 162 more words


Example of Setting up a Blank Windows Service in Visual Studio 2017

When you are creating a new Windows Service Application in NET, you can’t simply generate the project and then click F5 to debug in Visual Studio. 1,350 more words


[VB.NET] Autorestart Windows Service

In this brief code I show you how Auto Restart your Application windows service
Open Microsoft Visual Studio and create new Service Project, identifies Service.vb and past this code… 496 more words