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Reduced Automapper - VB.NET Code

I am a big fan of AutoMapper. I am now using it in many projects for mapping entities between different domains like from wcf service model to business model. 589 more words


VB.Net - Syllabus / Books / Question Papers

Microsoft .NET Framework
Visual Basic .Net
Example of Visual Basic .Net
-Hello, world
-Hello, windows
-Hello, Browser

The Visual Basic . NET language
Source Files… 367 more words


30 Days of Code - Day 1: Data Types

Task: Declare an integer, double, and string as variables and assign appropriate values to them. Then print these variables to the console after doing addition or concatenation with them. 468 more words


MySQLMove - An Easy To Use Tool To Move MySQL Database Objects and Data

Recently, I was asked to work on a project using a MySQL backend after many years of not having worked with the product. I was amazed when I saw that some of the more common tools to work with MySQL, such as MySQL Workbench or Toad, had still not developed an easy way to move objects and/or data between mySQL databases such as we have become accustomed to in SQL Server Management Studio. 1,220 more words


Learn WPF CRUD Operations Using VB.NET


This article demonstrates CRUD operations done in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) using VB.NET in Visual Studio 2015

In this article, we are going to… 1,772 more words


GridView OnRowUpdated how to get the Edited Row

This article deals with the GridView WebForms .NET control; in particular with how to detect and record changes after the user has saved data in the GridView. 1,041 more words


Program to convert the Case of a String in VB.NET

Mid() in Visual Basic.net is a string function that is used to extract a copy of                                     a character or set of characters from a string. 135 more words