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#Excel Super Links #79 – shared by David Hager

#Excel Super Links #79 – shared by David Hager

Top 10 things we struggle to do in Excel & awesome remedies for them


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Great #Excel Technique: August 2017 Total Eclipse Info by David Hager

In case you have not heard, on August 21, 2017, a total eclipse shadow is going to stretch across the entire United States. And, the rest of the U.S. 245 more words


Select Shapes by Property in Powerpoint

Another of my favourite little pieces of code, this one lets you select shapes on a slide, by a property, for example, type, shape, width, colour, based on an initial selection. 442 more words


Excel VBA | Orientation of Cell

We can use VBA code to change the orientation of the cell.
Here is an example:

Sub Orientations()
    Range("A2").Orientation = xlHorizontal
    Range("B2").Orientation = xlVertical
    Range("C2").Orientation = xlUpward
    Range("D2").Orientation = xlDownward
    Range("E2").Orientation = 45
    Range("F2").Orientation = -45
End Sub… 11 more words