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How To Really Publish Excel Data To Power BI ... Part Deux

A couple of weeks ago I published a length post detailing the techniques I have developed to successfully export Excel data to Power BI. ¬†I have had some interesting responses and I have since evolved my thinking on this, and my… 1,338 more words

Useful VBA FunctionI cannot live without

Here are 3 VBA functions that I always have in the VBA projects I built.

  • Count occurrence of substring in string

This function allows you to count the occurrence of substring in string, various type of data can be passed to the function and case-sensitivity can be adjusted. 257 more words

Useful Functions

Transferring Data Between Workbooks - Excel VBA

The next question most Excel VBA users have after they learn how to record macro is:

How do I transfer this data into another workbook? 757 more words


Saving Data in binary format

In VBA, you can save/read data as/from binary file. This is particularly useful when you want to backup any intermedia data generated during your procedure runtime, or if you need to save configuration outside the excel workbook but you want to take care of reading the configuration files. 516 more words

Useful Functions

Troubleshooting errors while importing vba package in Dynamics GP

Sometimes, you may come across situation when you can import vba package on one client workstation and get error on another workstation. Below are 2 basic things you should check before digging further on the issue: 23 more words