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Excel Geeking: Extracting Comments Using VBA

A couple of months ago a colleague moved into a new position at work and inherited a big ugly spreadsheet. Happens to the best of us, amiright? 478 more words


Another 'gotcha!' in Access that I need to remember

I’m working on two sets of menu actions that are almost, but not quite, identical.  The first set works against all of the students assigned to a specific teacher.   478 more words

The Parser - Interpreting user commands

This is the next installment on creating your own text adventure game using the Excel Text Adventure Builder, the interactive fiction/Text adventure game system that allows interactive fiction games to be written and played in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. 827 more words


VariableNotUsedInspection: the false positives of v1.4, upcoming fixes of v2.0

One of my favorite features since we started working on this project, is the Code Inspections.

I like it because, well, it does find things. 378 more words


Why Word "macro malware" is back, and what you can do about it...

If you’ve ever fallen into the work-day habit of opening random programs (.EXE files) that came in via email, you’ve probably ended up in trouble with IT. 607 more words