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What the World Would Be Like If MS Excel Didn't Exist?

In those days in 1985, Microsoft made a blast in the IT world by building up a spreadsheet for Microsoft, Windows, Mac Os X, Android and IOS. 599 more words


Copy Pasting one after another in a sheet via VBA. Selecting next blank cell.

Sub copydatabelow()

‘Row Range Selected


‘ Column Range Selected

Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select

‘ Selection Copied


‘ Selecting blank Cell at the end of data range… 13 more words

Selecting value automatically from filter and pasting it on new sheet with VBA

Sub autofilter()

Dim c As Range

Dim rng As Range

Dim LR As Long

LR = Cells(Rows.Count, “A”).End(xlUp).Row

‘ A is from which value has to be selected… 80 more words

Copying data from one workbook to another by VBA

Sub copy()

Dim x As Workbook

Dim y As Workbook

‘Open both workbooks first:

Set x = Workbooks.Open(“path to copying book”)

Set y = Workbooks.Open(“path to destination book “) 74 more words


Add multiple worksheets in Excel via VBA

Sub addsheets()

‘in count put the number of sheets you want to add

Worksheets.Add after:=Sheet3, Count:=10

Dim p, q As Integer
Dim sheetname As String… 13 more words

Have your VBA Add-in autogenerate menus for easier access to your macros

  1. Storing your macros in add-ins (.xlam) has many advantages over personal.xlsm and similar document locations.
  2. One disadvantage is that an Add-in macro is not accessible through the macros dialogue.
  3. 96 more words