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Unique Array from a column - VBA / Excel

How many times we need a loop to run on unique values in a column.

Report 1. 248 more words


Find a column by name - VBA Excel

Note: This is for someone with little VBA knowledge.

How many times we have a need in VBA automation to find a column by name and not the number. 385 more words


VBA resize images in word

‘Resize all images in Word Document
‘ Macro1 Macro

Dim i As Long
With ActiveDocument

For i = 1 To .InlineShapes.Count

With .InlineShapes(i) 16 more words


VBA excel to word

The macro to create individual columns from the an Excel to Word document is:

Sub ExcelToWord()

‘ ExcelToWord Macro

‘Dim objWord As New Word.Application… 156 more words


So, 2.0.12 is late... what's cooking?

Recently I tweeted this:

The release of Rubberduck 2.0.12, due 5 days ago, is being delayed because we have something awesome cooking up. Give us 2-3 more weeks :-)

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10 year birthday

I missed it obviously but one of the kids pointed out I have been blogging here for 10 years! ken ell!

(as of January just gone) 102 more words


Binary search with Match

The binary search option in Match is not really well advertised on the MS Excel documentation site, so here’s the run down on how to use it. 444 more words