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#Excel: Generate a List of Antonyms Using an User-Defined Function (UDF)

It really is amazing what you can do with an Excel user-defined function (UDF). Here is a list (not comprehensive) of articles from my website that demonstrate clever and unusual uses of UDFs. 221 more words


SQL - Escape all SQL wildcard characters

SQL to escape all SQL wildcard characters in a string:

DECLARE @DirtyString nvarchar(1000) = ‘How\now % ’;
DECLARE @CleanString nvarchar(1000);

SET @CleanString = REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(@DirtyString, ‘\’, ‘\\’, ‘%’, ‘\%’), ‘_’, ‘\_’), ‘[‘, ‘\[‘), ‘]’, ‘\]’);

PRINT ‘@CleanString = ‘ + @CleanString;


Versatile Blogger Award!

Extremely cool news, I’ve been nominated for my first award! A huge thank you to Grace O from GRACELIFECOLLECTIONS for the nom, it means a lot after only around two months of blogging. 446 more words


Counting Unique Values In Excel – 5 Effective Ways

Let’s consider we have a long list of duplicate values in a range and our objective is to count only the unique occurrences of each value. 1,365 more words


Function to remove non-alphanumeric characters from a string

This is a useful little function to remove non-alphanumeric characters from a string. Something I sometimes need to do to use cell input to reference a named range, where non-alphanumeric characters are not allowed. 92 more words