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How to unit test VBA code?

So Rubberduck lets you write unit tests for your VBA code. If you’re learning VBA, or if you’re a seasoned VBA developer but have never written a unit test before, this can sound like a crazy useless idea. 1,305 more words


VBA: How to Get A List From a Range of Numbers

A couple months ago, I did the exact opposite of this. I called it the ListToRange() Function. It’s weirdly helpful at work because I have to go back and forth between having numbers listed out and then having them clustered for other things. 460 more words

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Run-time error '3704' Operation is not allowed when the object is closed

Run-time error ‘3704’ Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.

To resolve the error, ensure the code you execute returns only data as a result, and not the intermediary “rows affected” messages. 219 more words


Kitab VBA Excel Level Dua : Setelah sempat macet

Halo semua..

Ya ya ya..

Harus kami akui, pengerjaan Kitab VBA Excel Level Dua sempat macet. Tentu bukan karena ide-nya yang macet. Tapi proses penulisannya. 89 more words


A Not so Basic Web Scraping using VBA

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a powerful language that’s available to Microsoft Office users. It can be used to automate various tasks ranging from data cleansing and operations to more sophisticated database connectivity and application development. 461 more words

Visual Basic For Applications

Generic Outlook Email Sender

There will inevidably come a time, when you need to send an attachment, in a mailmerge. Or perhaps, CC someone else into it. Or perhaps send the email from a shared mailbox. 318 more words


Unlock a protected VBA Project

Like worksheets can be protected, so does VBA projects. Fortunately, VBA projects can be cracked as well with the help of a nice little VBA code. 528 more words