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Convert integer to Excel column letters (and back) using VBA

So I mentioned previously that I have been working with VBA a lot lately.  I’m going to put some of the functions and subroutines that I constructed for my needs.   541 more words


Vienna Brown Ale

Many of my recent brews have explored styles that are new to me–saison, Bohemian pilsner, witbier, and altbier, to name a few. 455 more words


Adding Hyperlinks to Salesforce IDs

We’ve all had the frustration of copying and pasting the Salesforce ID from a spreadsheet into the URL to view an object. Did you know there is a relatively quick and simple way to add the relevant hyperlink to all Salesforce IDs in a spreadsheet? 174 more words


VBA Data Types

Data Type or Subtype Required Memory Default Value VBA Constant Range Byte 1 byte 0 vbByte 0 to 255 Integer 2 bytes 0 vbInteger 113 more words

Log file from Excel COM API program

It’s a good habit to track the data your process has changed. Most programs should have some type of logging mechanism. Sometimes in the haste to roll a tool out the door, simple tracking pieces are left off. 448 more words


What is the syntax to return the row of a search value?

<integer variable> = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(<search value>, Range("<searched range index>"), <0 for exact match or 1 for approximate>)

Helpful tip: also use error handlers to catch 1004 errors (that arise from not finding a match for your search value) 52 more words


What is the syntax to get the date selected for a calendar?

  1. Add a calendar to your userform (for instructions, click here)
  2. As shown in the screenshot below, select your calendar control (default name is always MonthView1)
  3. 28 more words