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Update null value in Access

The regular SQL is null update query  may fail while updating Access database. Access DB has some different is null checking system. Put the Is Null statement at the end of the where section may fix the problem. 15 more words


ISDA CDS – interest rate curve 3 – Excel implementation

Before delving into pure VBA I think it’s helpful to set out a problem in Excel, if only for a specific example. It can really help get a broader idea of how the model fits together. 1,699 more words


ISDA CDS – interest rate curve 2 - the maths

Let’s review the maths behind the yield curve. We have a yield curve with nodes at times which is made from a set of deposits with maturities  and a set of  interest rate swaps with maturities  such that  and . 630 more words


The Best Gifts are Knowledge and Skill

Never stop learning. I’m that person that is always reading and researching just to find the facts and learn something new. Join me in a learning journey to sharpen your existing skills or build new ones. 72 more words


Modeloff GTC in New York City - Dec 4-5, 2017

Just a note that I will be in New York on Monday and Tuesday Dec 4 & 5 exhibiting and presenting at:

Modeloff GTC New York… 91 more words

Excel 2013

VBA Code Cheat Sheet: Add Pivot Table with Variable Range

Private Pivottablecreation()
'Set Range for Pivot table using currently selected cells
pivotrange = Selection.Address(ReferenceStyle:=xlR1C1)
'Add Sheet to hold Pivot table
ActiveSheet.Name = "Pivot"
'Create Pivot table (ensure 2nd line where sheet name and range is updated)
ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Create(SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:= _
 "SHEET1!" & pivotrange, Version:=xlPivotTableVersion15). 24 more words