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I’ve been a little lazy in the writing aspect but I promise that’s going to change real soon. There’s no particular reason but when you have a lot on your plate and trying to balance stuff out you end up going in a lot of circles before you make any headway. 584 more words


Convert VBA to OpenOffice Basic

I found a great resource: Convert VBA to OpenOffice Basic

While much of the underlying logic behind OpenOffice Basic compares to that of Visual Basic for Applications, there exists fundamental differences to the way the code is constructed.

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test code hl

begini lah :

If txtSourceFolder.Text = "" Or cboSettingName.Text = "" Then
    ' wrong setting
    MsgBox "Wrong Setting. Please re-enter all setting"
    'SaveSetting txtSettingName.Text, "Source", "Signal", "Not OK"
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LibreOffice Macros

Just a little background – I spent many years learning (self-taught) to code VBA for Excel. I wanted to do the same with LibreOffice. Unfortunately I found very little information on how to do this. 21 more words


VBA Connection Pooling

I was messing around with SQL Server Profiler recently and thought to myself “this would be a good way to illustrate VBA connection pooling to people”. 1,178 more words


VB Attributes: What are they and why should we use them?

Did you know that there’s code in your VBA projects that you can’t see in your editor? Want to see it? (Of course you do.) 807 more words


An update on the v1.3 release

As I said earlierĀ on Twitter, I messed up the 1.3 release… big time. Shooting for April 18 was fine, rushing to meet that “deadline” wasn’t. 103 more words