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22 Weeks - Baby #2

Things have been looking up for me doctor wise, which is very good! I am back to seeing my midwife that I had with Akira and in May I will switch over to my midwife for my HBAC (Home Birth After C-section). 473 more words

Mommy To Be

Why I Think Natural Childbirth Is a Preferable Way to Begin Motherhood

This is Part 1 of how I came to Attachment Parenting, a process I’m chronicling through the 7 B’s articulated by Dr. Sears. These 7 B’s are, by his terminology, … 800 more words

7 B's

All mother's bleed for their children

*Warning: this post may violate the code of ethics of The Motherhood Secret Society that every woman with a child seems to belong to as a silent agreement to ensure that the species continues on…I wonder how the birthrate would decline if we were told the truth about everything to do with child birth before we signed a physical contract to participate in natures cruelest privilege. 1,187 more words

One Educated Mama Part 2

Last time I posted this mama’s first two births, I’m glad to share her healing VBAC story today.

It’s so important to choose the right provider especially when working toward a VBAC, keep looking until you find one who is truly supportive. 811 more words

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Stop the Mom-Shaming!

It needs to be said. We have all have them in our lives. You know…those moms that spend their time shaming other moms for their personal decisions? 1,385 more words

The choice to have another baby

So now a few months have passed since my traumatic labour the thought has now crossed my mind and the question has been asked. Will I have another baby? 375 more words

Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

Tomorrow I’ll be 25 weeks pregnant! I had a total meltdown last night when I realized how soon this baby is coming and how much we still have to do. 1,200 more words