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VBAC update and blogging for blogging's sake - 23 weeks 5 days

This whole Facebook Free February thing is making me want to blog more. I obviously spent a crap load of time scrolling through that thing, clicking on articles, and now I have no ‘passing the time’ activity. 938 more words


Charlie's Birth Story

It’s taken me six months to blog the story of Charlie’s birth. I don’t know why, exactly. Partially, I wondered if it would be interesting to a reader since she was delivered by cesarean. 1,564 more words


VBAC anyone?

Alrighty… My clock is ticking… I have lots to plan for and lots of creative ideas, but priority number one is to prepare my body for… dun dun dun, LABOR!   912 more words

#027 ~ Q&A episode: sushi during pregnancy, getting ready for a VBAC and our most essential baby supplies

Join us as we answer your questions! Aglaée and Stephanie reunite for this special Q&A episode. We may surprise you with some of our answers! 201 more words


Whether to try a VBAC

My first baby was breech. He really wasn’t interested in turning, despite my best efforts. I chose not to try a Version based on research… 1,573 more words


Tips for achieving a VBAC.

Congratulations! You’re pregnant!

But you’ve had a cesarean previously and are nervous about if you can have a vaginal delivery this time or not.

Good news! 371 more words


Kirsty’s story of two very different VBAC births

Kirsty’s births have taken her from an emergency caesarean; to a VBAC in The Rosie’s obstetric-led delivery unit; to a midwife-led VBAC in the Rosie Birth Centre in September 2015 and the natural birth she always wanted. 711 more words

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean