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My Vbac success | Archer Mcconnell

From the moment I found out I was pregnant – waaait… Let’s rephrase that, from the moment Charlie’s birth ended in an emergency csection I knew I wanted a vaginal birth for my next child. 1,202 more words


Bee stings and labor

I never knew if I could handle the pain of labor. I thought I had a strong pain threshold but then again, who was I kidding? 967 more words


A Birth Story: Elea Mackenzie Zurbrugg

So before I get to the good stuff, there is some business to be discussed. Not too long ago my brother and I went into a creative discussion of a new business venture, spiritually led , bringing joy through creativity, while giving to the community. 979 more words

Preparing for your VBAC

April is Cesarean Awareness Month. For more information on birth choices, visit the International Cesarean Awareness Network and VBAC.com.

Making the┬áchoice to go down the VBAC route isn’t always an easy one for second time mums-to-be.

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My Unmedicated VBAC Birthing Story

My second son, Ezekiel Deon Halili, was born last January 19, Tuesday, 2:59pm at Shiphrah Birthing Home.

In hopes of inspiring other moms who are also aspiring for a gentle birthing experience, here’s our story: 1,473 more words

Birthing Home

Giving Birth

This summer I will give birth to two babies. One of course will be a child that I’ve carried for the last twenty-seven weeks and the other my bra line which I’ve been working on for the last three years. 459 more words

Baby Update - Our First 24 Hours

Hi D Ho and welcome to my first baby update for our beautiful little girl who will be here on know as “Little Lady” in blog land :) ( 1,070 more words