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Thomas's Story

After a smooth previous pregnancy with Peter, I thought that the second one would be similar. Wrong! I had some bleeding where I should have missed my period, so I assumed that I was not pregnant. 528 more words

Not the Easy Way Out for Me

Upon the release of the October Cosmo magazine with Kate Hudson as the feature, my mom’s groups have been swirling about something she said. She filled out a questionnaire to go along with her interview and her response to the prompt “the laziest thing I’ve ever done” was “have a c-section.” She is getting a LOT of flak from fellow c-section mama’s that the answer was insensitive and inaccurate. 786 more words



This has been a strange month folks, not gonna lie.  I think I’m feeling what they call nostalgia.  At first, I attempted to classify my spectrum of emotions in their individual parts:  404 more words

Getting caught up in process, not progress

With Birth Trauma Awareness Week having taken place a few weeks ago and a bit of a hoo-ha about the pushing or not pushing (excuse the pun) of ‘normal’ births in the news recently (there is a great piece about it… 433 more words


I'm a Momma and My Birth Story!

I’ve been away for awhile because on August 4, 2017, my beautiful baby girl made her way into the world. I must say being a first time mom has it’s highs and it’s lows. 802 more words

From the beginning...

In order to follow this story and really understand what’s going on with my family, you should know what happened with my first two births and why I feel so strongly about attempting a home vaginal birth after two unnecessary caesarean sections. 1,672 more words

Becca Lynne Hawkins

I am so excited to introduce the newest member of my perfect little family to you all, welcoming Miss Becca Lynne Hawkins!

Becca was born on July 17, 2017 at 10:31 AM.   786 more words