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No, I did not need my traumatic birth for personal growth

Why we need to stop telling women this was the birth they ‘had to have’.

18 years ago, I became mother to a plump little person who emerged from the fiery depths of a traumatic birth, and initiated me into motherhood. 2,860 more words

Birth Trauma

Birth Story Jealousy (#NaBloPoMo Day 5)

It’s Day 5 of my NaBloPoMo, which means we’re already 1/6th of the way through November, folks. I’m having a blast exploring topics like… 710 more words


Successful VBAC? 

After having my c-section with baby #1, I’m hoping to have a successful VBAC this second time around. But I’m nervous that it’ll end in an emergency c-section just like my first one. 40 more words


"She Believed She Could" - why this saying has no place in birth.

We’e often seen this quote passed around natural birth groups online :

“She believed she could….so she did.”

And it’s always bothered us. Because while we wish it was true –  we wish that determination was enough – unfortunately in our birthing culture, it often isn’t.

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Birth Trauma

Layla's 2nd birthday

Sorry guys!

I know its been a bit since I last posted! I have had so much going on. We recently celebrated Layla’s birthday. I did a barnyard theme because she LOVES animals. 430 more words

Oliver’s Birth Story. 

As the month of November crept up I began to get more nervous about our son’s due date and delivery. Could I still do the vbac? 941 more words


Rose's Story

Birth stories are one of those things that most people aren’t interested in until they have their own. At least, that was my experience, so feel entirely free to skip over this if it’s your experience too! 1,580 more words