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When birth does not go as planned

Right from the start I knew I wanted my birth to be as natural as possible. I educated myself. Worked at it. Saw a midwife. Already met up with a doula. 506 more words

Irrational/Rational Pregnancy Fears

I got a call from my OB Tuesday, my hCG levels have gone down over 50% since my last test on Saturday, so I appear to be in the clear.  1,194 more words

Nine years and still mulling things over

I am a birth enthusiast, although if that surprises you given my tagline then this post might not be for you.

I have experienced

Day 37: Baby 1 vs baby 2- Their birthing stories

In honor of a friend welcoming her baby boy into the world last night and feeling incredibly nostalgic because my husband and I are done procreating I’m going to share my birthing stories. 1,197 more words

Aila's Birth Story

6:15 am: Poomergency. Again.

True to form, labor with Aila began with a poomergency. Apparently, that’s how my body likes to inform me I’m about to have a baby. 2,552 more words