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Deferred Planar Reflection

Specular highlights are nothing more than reflection of light sources. With planar reflections, reflective surfaces can be rendered even more realistic.

Matrix.Reflection (New Plane (0, 1, 0, 0))
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Basic Scene

This is a simple implementation demo. Windows10 / NVidia GTX 1070

• DirectX 10.1 compatible Graphic Card
SlimDX Runtime (Bit 32/64)
• Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6… 49 more words


Merry 3D Christmas

Here is a small test of the engine with several objects and lights, creating a nice Christmas Scene.
Have fun watching the video …

3D Christmas


Deferred Shading

The VBexEngine is built as a Deferred renderer. Objects are rendered in a MultiRenderTarget and all necessary information as Color, Normal and Position is saved separately. 64 more words


Multiple SwapChain

SwapChain is a special render buffer, which is used as a final rendering target to output to display. Each time a frame has been completed in Buffer1, it becomes Buffer2 to be displayed on the output. 212 more words


Light Update

Ambient, Diffuse, Specular
The PointLights are treated as SceneObjecte and freely positionable. The light consists of ambient, diffuse and specular parts. 174 more words


New GUI-Interface

The editor has got a new GUI-Interface with own slider, colors and buttons. The default controls looked quite boring.

A ProjectScene has been added to import and arrange models and pointlights. 6 more words