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How to encrypt query strings in Classic ASP (VBScript) and JavaScript

Sending variables via URLs can be very dangerous if some sensitive data needs to be transferred between your pages. You may want to encrypt your variables and their values. 498 more words


VBScript - Introduction - Lesson One

Hello! Welcome to Nitin’s tutorial for Visual Basic Scripting Edition, or VBScript. It is an Active Scripting language developed by Microsoft.

It is very popular and scripting language of choice for all QTP professionals. 250 more words


SCCM/Windows 10 OSD : "Invalid data file ... to execute using file association" vbs files

During Windows 10 OSD I got this error :

Executing program as a script due to file association execmgr 10/01/2016 6:23:42 PM 2768 (0x0AD0)
Invalid data file InstallSQL2014.vbs to execute using file association execmgr 10/01/2016 6:23:42 PM 2768 (0x0AD0) 152 more words


Modify Thunderbird Settings using Logon Scripts

Last time with VBScript, I swear it…

While working at UVM on their Exchange 2016 deployment, we came across an interesting environmental anomaly (UVM has lots of those). 356 more words

Scripting The Windows Experience

OS Deployment Development Language Choices

Okay, so you’re working on an OS deployment tool, and you very quickly realise that if you want to create something more complex than your basic home lab, you are going to have to create some custom code to achieve what you need. 679 more words

OS Deployment

How to use the Enterprise Architect VBScript Library

The Enterprise Architect VBScript Library is an open source library of VBScripts written to be used in  Enterprise Architect.

This article explains how to download, import and use the library in Enterprise Architect. 684 more words

Enterprise Architect

Unknown / Lost sticky RDP sessions on servers and account lockouts

Sometimes you lose track of RDP sessions you have had running for various reasons,

– You could have closed the window by mistake.
– Your terminal /pc / master session got disconnected / restarted. 1,109 more words