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ASP code to open a database

Question Number 6:
Write ASP code to open a database “student”. When a user enters student’s code in a search box and clicks the search button. 58 more words


Average with VBScript

Question Number 4:
Write a VBScript code to enter temperature for the month of January into an array. Compute the average temperature and display it in the browser’s window. 10 more words


Set and Get Environment Variables - Vbscript

Function Set_Read_UserEnv

”—-  Create Shell Object

”—- Create User Environment Object

”—- Assign Orcle_Home to defined path

”—- Read all User Environment variables set

”—- Release UserEnvironment…

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Application Object in ASP

Question Number 4:

                Describe Application Object in ASP

Application Object

An application on the Web may consists of several ASP files that work together to perform some purpose. 214 more words


Series with VBScript

Question Number 2:
Write a programme using VBScript to print following series:
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ASP connect with “Employee”

Question Number 6:
Write a programme in ASP that connect with “Employee” database and select record of those employees from “Emp” table which have salary more than 10000 and show them in drop down list (use select option). 10 more words



Question Number 4:
Describe “global.asax” and Application Object in ASP.


The Global.asa file is an optional file that can contain declarations of objects, variables, and methods that can be accessed by every page in an ASP application. 123 more words