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Compliance setting to copy DSNs into place

This compliance setting copies all the .REG files from a network folder into the local registry, effectively creating DSNs. It only makes the DSN if it can verify that the driver is installed. 513 more words


Making your computer talk with VBScript.

Who doesn’t enjoy making their computer talk? Here are some fun scripts to turn your computer into a chatterbox.

This first one tells the time. 567 more words


Copy files to a workstation using a compliance setting

There’s more than 1 way to solve a problem, and this is a perfect example.
The issue at hand: we want to distribute a common set of files to all workstations, and make sure they always have the latest version. 495 more words

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BAD TASTE GNOME Vulnerability leads to Code Injection in Linux

A new vulnerability(CVE-2017-11421) has been discovered by German security researcher Nils Dagsson Moskopp dubbed as BAD TASTE , which is a code injection vulnerability in the thumbnail handler component of GNOME Files file manager that could allow hackers to execute malicious code on targeted Linux machines. 429 more words

Trigger Compliance evaluation

Compliance and remediation (Desired configuration) can be triggered from the UI on the workstation.

This script runs on a remote system and triggers the process for all configuration settings on a workstation.  188 more words

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Automated Java Uninstall

I’ve recently had to face the thorny issue of upgrading Java in our environment and wanting to be able to do this remotely and silently.  The main problem was working out how to remove the existing version(s) first. 389 more words


Monitor a workstation for package arrival (local)

When you are waiting for a package to arrive and process at a workstation, this script will notify you when the Referenced CacheElements count changes. 2,081 more words

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