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Put quotes around ImagePath keys

If the Imagepath key for a service has spaces, it should have quotes around the value to avoid running malicious code.

'Program: Service_ImagePath-Remediate.vbs V2.2.0.0
'Purpose: Enclose all service paths in quotes
' Author: Roger C  10/13/2017
'  Logic: 
'			Populate an array with the services that were identified by Qualys as having spaces without quotes
'			Loop the array, and compare it to the registry 
'			if service is found and the IMAGEPATH matches, enclose the IMAGEPATH value in quotes

option explicit
'===[ Declare variables ]===

'Reqired for advanced logging
Dim LogFileHandle, objFSO, objNetwork, ScriptUser, ScriptComputer
Dim MaxLogFileSize : MaxLogFileSize = 10000
Dim LogFilenamePath : LogFilenamePath = ".\"

Dim i
Const ArrayRows = 48
Dim SvcArray(48,3) 		' == stores the remediation details ==
							' SvcArray(x,1) is the service name
							' SvcArray(x,2) is the original (incorrect) value
							' SvcArray(x,3) is the new (correct) value

Dim objShell ' ==[ initialize the shell object, or error out
on error resume next
Set objShell = CreateObject("wscript.shell")
on error goto 0
If  NOT IsObject(objShell) then
	LogWriteln("Error: unable to create Wscript.shell object. 1,598 more words
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Function GetOSArchitecture
Set WshShell = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)
Set WshProcEnv = WshShell.Environment(“Process”)
process_architecture= WshProcEnv(“PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE”)
If process_architecture = “x86” Then
system_architecture= WshProcEnv(“PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432”)
If system_architecture = “” Then
system_architecture = “86” 24 more words


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