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Adding Indexes in SAP PowerDesigner with VBScript

The following code will help in adding columns to indexes or creating indexes in SAP PowerDesigner: 873 more words


Script to list out Collection schedules of all collection in SCCM to a output file

Option Explicit

Dim objFSO : Set objFSO = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
Dim objLogFile : Set objLogFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile(“Collections.log”)

Dim strSourceServer
strSourceServer = “XXX”
Dim strSourceSiteCode
strSourceSiteCode = “XXX” 355 more words

SCCM 2012

VBScript Introduction

VBScript, a well-known scripting language by Microsoft, used mainly in Web development for the client-side scripting at internet explorer like form validation.Along with this, it is also used for OS level manipulations and automation of many regular tasks by connecting to different applications and use them in our way we want without user intervention required. 305 more words

The Daily Grind - April 1, 2016

It’s Friday night and seems like a good time to start building out the technical content of this site.

The first task is scripting languages.  When you know and move between a lot of languages,  it is a challenge to remember the syntax.   70 more words


VMware View – VDI Printing – Part 3

In my final post on this subject, I’ll write about what I eventually did to solve the problem of printing to a printer within the VDI.   567 more words


VMware View – VDI Printing – Part 2

Coming up is an Asynchronous WMI Event query.  Read on…!

In the last post, I showed how VMware View has a ThinPrint component that brings printers from the physical PC into the virtual machine you connect to without your having to worry about installing the relevant drivers into your virtual infrastructure.   1,088 more words


Duration (HH:MM) calculation between two time stamps

Datediff function or variations of it work fine generally but… if you want to have exact duration in Hours:Minutes or HH:MM format. You gotta do what you gotta do one of which is as follows. 90 more words