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Building an advanced lab using VMware vRealize Automation - Part 1: Intro

A few months back my boss came to me and asked if I could build a test lab for the company.  Being a managed services company with a number of technical staff, it was important to give them a training ground where skills can be learned but mistakes also made without consequence. 247 more words


vRA 6.2 Distributed IaaS deployment

I needed to deploy a distributed vRA 6.2 IaaS in the lab and didn’t find too many resources on the web so here are some of my notes! 865 more words

What's new in VCAC 6.2

What’s New

Supportability Enhancements

Improved logging and event tracking for auditing.
Included centralized log collection of all cluster logs, including IaaS.
Added telemetry support.
Added certificate validation and simplification in vRealize Automation Management console. 523 more words


VMware vCAC Dynamic Property Dictionaries

VMware vCAC Dynamic Property Dictionaries
Hello, Its been a long time since I have blogged about some thing, so I thought, I would make up for it with a small goodie. 21 more words

vRealize Automation reservation service API

I was recently looking in to the vRealize Automation REST API reservation service. I was using 6.2.1 and I was tying to create a reservation using the REST API. 1,403 more words

VRealize Automation Center

vRA 6.1 Entitlement Actions Missing

A quick posting around a problem I was experiencing at my current customer where if we went into entitlements, chose a service and tried to add an entitled action, the list was missing a number of actions and seemed as if it had only installed actions up to D. 87 more words


Utilizing vCloud Air onDemand with vRA 6.2

One of the best things introduced at the end of 2014 with our friends in vCloud Air was the ability to be a true pay as you go option. 376 more words

VCloud Automation Center