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This is our final poster

This is our final website

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These our final take away – collectable cards

Rationale… 172 more words

Final Poster Development

I decided to experiment with different secondary text layouts, and found that I preferred the “when/where” text at the top in bold, followed by the thinner text about the event.   31 more words

Collectable Neighbour Cards #2

We decided to add occupations to each card, as this is useful information to know in an emergency. We also renumbered the cards so that the families or relatives were close to each other for ease of access. 20 more words

Poster Concepts #4

After the second interim presentation it was suggested that I can take out the word “is” from the heading, as it isn’t needed. If I add some flames over the s’more slightly it will make the object interact and therefore make them work together more successfully. 75 more words

Poster Concepts #3

I then got feedback on the poster from our peers and lecturers. Some of the comments were that the text seemed to fit around the illustration, rather than work with it. 67 more words

Collectable Neighbour Cards

For our take away we decided to have a collectable card of each neighbour, with their picture, their name and contact details, and a paragraph on the back about getting to know your neighbours. 199 more words

Week 5

Week 5.1

Interim Presentation



Take Away

Some of the feedback that we received for our poster was that the secondary text should be smaller, and not justified because it created weird spacing. 212 more words