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Oppo BVD-103

Yep, time to get into Blu-ray. This was mostly precipitated by the imminent arrival of a new Gentle Giant compilation, Three Piece Suite, which features 5.1 remixes of tracks from their first three records. 202 more words

New Product


“85 per cent of female firefighters reported being treated differently because of their gender” (http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/world/83495929/female-firefighters-suicide-is-a-fire-bell-in-the-night)

In 2013, tradeswomen made up just 5 per cent of all tradespeople ( 136 more words


Further Artist Inspiration

Tom Wesselmann

Still Life #30, 1963

Still Life #3, 1962

Still Life #28, 1963

Still Life #12, 1962

This artist inspires me because he uses a mixture of objects and mediums to create his collages, such as photographs, cut out illustrations, textures, block colours, acrylic paint, wallpaper, and 3d objects. 175 more words


Week Four





I got feedback on my four strategies, which will be really helpful moving forward with my poster designs. The most important part of my feedback was realising I need to look at other styles, such as collage and illustration, rather than sticking to one style the entire time. 172 more words



Aim: To raise awareness about the issue of gender inequality in New Zealand. More specifically, to emphasise the harmful gender roles forced on women.

Position: 345 more words


Week 3 – Friday 04/08

Wednesday 02/08
– Bogdan gave me a copy of the A5 InDesign booklet file to play around with the placement, composition etc.

Thursday 03/08
– I over composed the visual brief and bombard with way too much information. 244 more words

Week 3 - Tuesday 01/08

Full Draft of Visual Brief

Prototype mock up of Full Draft visual briefs

In class, I asked around for some feedback on our full draft A5 visual brief. 65 more words