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Pakej VCD Anak Pandai AlQuran & Solat

Mencari bahan bantuan belajar solat untuk anak kecil?
Mahu dedahkan anak dengan keseronokan solat dan mengaji sejak kecil?
Tak mahu anak tengok kartun yang merepek di TV? 75 more words


vCloud Director Error: None of the cells have a vCenter proxy service running

Came across this issue in the lab today when trying to deploy a vApp template from the vCD catalog

Did some googling and came across a post by Jason Boche… 171 more words


Adios - VCD (MPEG1) : The Sunset on the World's First Digital Format..

The VCD was the first commercial Video Format made available to the General Public. It was available in India, in the late 90s, almost parallel to the emergence of the Internet. 476 more words


Another year older...

What do I have to show for my last year of life? On Sunday I turned 26 :) I love birthdays. I just think they’re a big deal, I still get excited for my birthday and I love making a fuss of other people on theirs. 331 more words


Whenever summer hits, or whenever a new month occurs, I always see beautiful photos and calligraphy saying “Hello, Summer” or “Hello, June” or even simpler ones that is just the word of the upcoming month. 307 more words

About section: P.ARTS Collective

Gainesville has a thriving art scene, full of talented crafts people with truly unique voices, and in order to stay that way these artists need one thing above all: a space full of resources for them to practice their crafts, connect to their audiences, and learn from one another. 291 more words


5+/17 hours viewable video on 1 DVD using svcd-dvd format

WIP/ update on why needed to re-encode video. added specific video file details   June/20/2015

I was trying to get 5+ hours of viewable full motion video on DVD, 527 more words