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vCenter Fails after Time Zone Change

We recently changed our NTP server, and I needed to update all or hosts and vCenters.  I have a handy powershell script to update the ESXi hosts, but that script does not work on the vCenter servers.   90 more words

VIRTUAL LAB – PART 5 – vCenter Setup

So my VCSA is now up and running, I just need to go into vCenter and do some config


SYSTEM_REFRESH_VIMSERVER - Could not register vCloud Director as an extension to vCenter Server

While trying to troubleshoot another problem, we tried Refreshing vCloud to vCenter which includes registering/updating the extension. This is when we hit a beauty we’d never seen before: 355 more words


VCSA (vCenter) Log Locations

Here are a few log files I found useful when deploying the VCSA (vCenter Appliance)

  • /var/log/firstboot
    • rpmInstall.json – A JSON formatted file containing status messages.  Contains progress information, and error messages.
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VIRTUAL LAB – PART 4 – VCSA (vCenter) Setup in VMWare Workstation (Not Nested)

The first thing i’m going to do is add DNS entries for both ESXi Servers and the VCSA Im about to deploy.  I added Forward and Reverse Entries for the VCSA… 405 more words


VMware Cloud on AWS

Back in October 2016, VMware and AWS announced a strategic partnership to deliver a solution that brings together the best of both worlds i.e Private Cloud and Public Cloud. 1,299 more words


VMware vCenter 6 Web Console doesn't load or very slow


VMware vCenter 6.0.0 Build 4541948 (Update 2a) – could effect other vCenter versions also.


After a period of a week or more the vCenter Web Console slows down dramatically to the point where the website doesn’t load anymore and the browser times out. 144 more words