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VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 - failed to boot - Failed to start Network Service

If you ever encounter an issue with the vCenter server that’s so bad that the server itself doesn’t start, well try the following:

fsck -fy /dev/mapper/log_vg-log… 153 more words

vCenter 6.5 tip: Enabling vCenter HA? do so when things are quiet in your environment

Picked up this useful tip from the vCenter Server HA performance and Best Practices guide (see – http://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/techpaper/vcha65-perf.pdf)

Will see on Pg 23 it will refer to the fact that: 83 more words


vcsa 6.5 installer error - There is no ovftool :)

When tried to install vcsa 6.5 from my mac , i got an error like below , i guess each time install everybody will be faced with it… 45 more words


Trigger an Event in vCenter with PowerCLI

I ran in to an issue this week where a client needed to monitor a specific event that had been causing problems in a their environment. 224 more words


PowerCLI command

Recently I got a request to get a virtual machine (vm) name using only the network interface MAC Address.

After search for some scripts I could not find one that really worked for me so I put my brain to work and this is what I came up: 76 more words


Dumping/exporting vSphere certificates/keys

Recently while troubleshooting some SSL certificate issues on VCSA, I ran across the vecs-cli tool. It has the option to manipulate the certificate store used by vCenter. 175 more words


Fixing broken vSphere PSC certificate

I recently managed to break my machineSSL cert on my 2nd vSphere 6 PSC appliance while updating the certificates.

Using the “Reset all Certificates” link wasn’t even working :( 248 more words