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Remove Virtual Machines from a vApp

I ran in to this a couple of weeks ago, and wasn’t able to find an easy solution, but I stumbled across a way to do this today. 209 more words


Updating Certificates for vRealize Operations Manager

Going through a process of converting all self-signed certificates in our EHC environment to CA-signed certs. First we converted all of the vCenter Server certificates, available… 569 more words


Todo es fabuloso . . . o no ?

Los switches distribuidos han sido uno de los más importantes cambios introducidos en vSphere desde la versión 4. Facilitan no solo el despliegue de nuevos hypervisores , tambiéns aportan un único punto de administración que facilita su gestión. 1,413 more words


It's not good to mix dvSwitch uplinks of different speeds for VSAN

I’ve long been an advocate for using Distributed vSwitches (dVS) in vSphere. The single point of management, coupled with added functionality such as load-based teaming and NIOC, is a huge advantage over Standard vSwitches. 443 more words

VSphere 5.5

VMware: Goodbye to the fat client

For the longest time VMware administrators have been using the C# VSphere clients or “fat client”. Over the years, it continues to plague us with hidden confirmation dialog boxes, error dialog boxes that pop-up continuously, version incompatibilities on the same computer and application crashes. 203 more words


Converting vCenter Self-signed Certs to CA-signed Certs

This post provides some high-level detail on what was required for us to migrate to CA-signed certificates on an existing vCenter Server  installation. Our overall plan was to upgrade versions of the EHC solution (EHC v3.1 to EHC v3.5) which meant that we needed to upgrade from vSphere v5, using SSO, to vSphere 6, using the new PSC (Platform Services Controller). 831 more words


RAM Acceleration: Optimising Aging Workloads at no cost!


This post covers a beneficial use case for RAM Acceleration (Read Caching). Please consider this post on RAM Acceleration only covers reads and only accelerates data that has already been previously loaded aka warm data. 274 more words