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'java.lang.NullPointerException' received when modifying objects in vCloud Director


Roughly 2 weeks ago one of our vCloud Director tenants reported an error when attempting to increase a disk on their VM. They were told to contact their cloud administrator (yay). 779 more words


My New Journey - Into the Cloud

Happy New Year everyone! Over the last few years my work concentration has been, and still will be to a point, working to engineer solutions for my companies virtual infrastructure, and over the last couple years specializing in the vROPs suite of applications and now with the new year here, I have been assigned to work on what my companies direction and strategy will be for our cloud initiative. 267 more words


vCloud Director and SAML Federation

I had a few issues getting vCloud Director and SAML federation playing nicely. By issues, I mean there wasn’t an explicit how-to in VMware’s pubs. The big issues were group-based authentication and authenticating against a user’s email address instead of their UPN. 182 more words


VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture introduced

VMware Cloud Foundation  to manage cloud SDDC and easy operation. New Cross-Cloud Services  customers of AWS, Azure and IBM run all applications in the public cloud platforms, including Cloud, manage, it allows to control and to guarantee. 13 more words


vApp Failed to Delete with "Invalid white space character" Error

Recently we had an issue when deleting one of vApp template from the vCloud Director Organization:


VMworld 2016 US - Day 1 General Session Overview

So the replay of yesterdays Day 1 General Session is now online:

The biggest announcement is the tech preview of Cross-Cloud Architecture. This is obviously VMware’s next step in their… 613 more words


NSX 6.2.3 Released - support for vShield Endpoint Management

As most people are aware, VMware pulled their support for vCloud Network & Security (and with that vShield Manager) earlier this year and a lot of my customers have been wondering what’s going to happen to their vShield Endpoint deployments (for agentless AV). 370 more words