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Download Vcloud Usage Meter 3 0 2

Download vcloud usage meter 3 0 2

In this post I will go through the steps needed to setup VMware vCloud Usage Meter (v.3.2). The vCloud Usage Meter is used to collect and generate reports for VSPP Aug 04, 2013 javax.ssl.SSLException: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection? 452 more words


In my previous post about Google Chrome I already described what you might need to do with your certificates to get connected to the console of a VM in a vApp. 89 more words


VMware sells off vCloud Air to OVH

Hmm…. so that was an interesting announcement from VMware last week!….. although if I’m honest it makes perfect sense!

OVH Group announcing it’s intent to acquire the vCloud Air Business from VMware:  551 more words


Google Chrome: Console access to vCloud Director 8.20 via WebMKS

Access to your vCloud Director frontend is working but you may have had the following problem accessing a console of a VM in a vApp: 113 more words


SYSTEM_REFRESH_VIMSERVER - Could not register vCloud Director as an extension to vCenter Server

While trying to troubleshoot another problem, we tried Refreshing vCloud to vCenter which includes registering/updating the extension. This is when we hit a beauty we’d never seen before: 368 more words


'java.lang.NullPointerException' received when modifying objects in vCloud Director


Roughly 2 weeks ago one of our vCloud Director tenants reported an error when attempting to increase a disk on their VM. They were told to contact their cloud administrator (yay). 779 more words


My New Journey - Into the Cloud

Happy New Year everyone! Over the last few years my work concentration has been, and still will be to a point, working to engineer solutions for my companies virtual infrastructure, and over the last couple years specializing in the vROPs suite of applications and now with the new year here, I have been assigned to work on what my companies direction and strategy will be for our cloud initiative. 267 more words