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The last VCR company is finally shutting down production

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Tech Insider readers who were born before the late 1990s have plenty of memories, both positive and negative, of VHS tapes. The big, cumbersome plastic cases took up tons of shelf space and you always needed to be kind and rewind the tapes you rented from the local video store. 263 more words


Betamax Tapes Going Off The Market: This Post Was Not Written In 1988

You may remember the videotape format wars of the 1980s, where VHS eventually triumphed over Betamax, making that one family on your street who couldn’t borrow videos from everyone else feel very silly. 180 more words


Central Floridians Rank Top 10 Things Kids Today Will Never Experience (That We Had Growing Up)

We polled Central Florida this morning on Scott McKenzie and the Morning Mix and we had some GREAT responses.  We all took a trip down memory lane and no other list will contain these exact things because we ONLY asked people in Central Florida! 382 more words