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On the Evolution of VCRs and Other Things by Kristin Kozlowski

Sam Connors. That was his father’s name, a man built like an old oak tree. Les wasn’t so wide and wasn’t so red, but he still carried his father’s last name the way some sons do, the way a paraplegic carries useless limbs. 2,024 more words

Feature Issues

Turn 39 VCRs–Boom Boom Boom (and Counter Tactics)

This is not the turn video, but there were a bunch of VCRs this turn when my fleet of heavy carriers attacked the Federation fleet sweeping mines. 809 more words

Turn Vids

Eureka! I found It!

I finally bit the bullet and dug around a bit as you might have noticed or not; I found my LIKE button!!! lol. So some of you may think so what, but I think its been lost for like ummm…. 136 more words

General Daily Stuff

07-13-2014 Journal Entry–It’s Time!

This summer is passing quickly and the time seems to be flying by like never before.  It’s amazing to me how our sense of time changes as a person ages. 703 more words

Just Saying

Melissa, Sebastian and the DHRs go to TGSS!

Here we all are, ready for the Great Southern Slam adventure. So much derby! So many amazing teams to watch! I popped in for a short while on Saturday, but Sunday was our day. 806 more words

MHH Column for June: Pushing My Buttons

         Once upon a time, I used to get the biggest kick out of watching my mother try to operate anything more complicated than a can opener. 502 more words

MHH Column