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Выковыриваем коммиты из CVS

CVS официально считалась говном даже тогда, когда ничего другого не было. Тем удивительнее натыкаться на CVS-репозитории сейчас, в эпоху триумфального шествия GIT, когда даже SVN-то считается морально устаревшей. 37 more words


Tricks & Tips: gitignore.io - A `.gitignore` generator

A very, very quick tip for using Git, specifically gitignore.

I recently have been semi-forced into developing in VisualStudio which comes with a ton of extra files that I was sure I didn’t need. 76 more words


Git - By example

So, here we go again!

Our purpose here is to present and make a brief walk through this great VCS, Git. Initially we introduce the concept of a Version Control System and justify it’s use. 2,750 more words


What Works Centre for Wellbeing panel meeting

On Wednesday I was in London to take part in the What Works Centre for Wellbeing panel meeting. We assessed applications made by research teams from across the country to run the four evidence programmes that will form the bulk of the work of the new What Works Centre. 185 more words


Avoid The Post Money Blues

Here’s an excellent post by Union Square Ventures VC Albert Wenger on whether to accept a higher valuation in your next financing round:

Beware the Post Money Trap… 38 more words

Venture Capital

Strengthening Local Voice - The real Health Inequality Challenge?

At the heart of “Due North” is an argument about the need to establish a pan-Northern collaboration which is built on closer relations with the people who live in the North of England. 868 more words

Voluntary Sector

Winning the away game

It is a well-known fact that sports teams benefit from a home court advantage. In fact, NBA teams consistently win about 60 percent of games that are played in their home arenas. 742 more words