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A New Start!

I had an alternate beginning to my shop class this year.

I thought I would start out showing the students where to get wood in the woodshed and organize a few pieces of lumber while we were in there.   84 more words


Gary Vaynerchuk - A VC to Follow

As an entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for advice, suggestions, and VCs to follow for motivation. Interestingly enough, I came across a VC/Entrepreneur, that I heard about, but never really took the time to research. 374 more words


Welcome to CommodoreAmigaZPG!

Hello and welcome to my Blog, I am Akkroid and I will be your host for the duration of your visit, so please why don’t you stay awhile…stay forever! 291 more words



What is Git?

Git allows a team of people to work together, all using the same files. And it helps the team cope with the confusion that tends to happen when multiple people are editing the same files. 1,938 more words

Mark Suster - AMA via Product Hunt LIVE

I’ve blogged about Product Hunt previously. In case you want to learn more about it, you can go to the link here. Staying true to its name, the company, founded by… 1,480 more words


TechStars - An Accelerator You Should Know About

As promised, this post is about TechStars, an accelerator program for startup founders. Founded in Colorado, the accelerator was started by founding members Brad Feld… 295 more words