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3 Reasons You SHOULD be Doing Your Own Laser Scans.

It is a fair bet that your firm struggles with the same decisions mine does. Dimeo Construction Company , where I head up the VDC department, struggled for years with the idea of purchasing a laser scanner.  765 more words

Nexus M3 Card Port Allocation


Where are the ports-group boundaries on the Nexus 7700 M3 Cards for VDCs?


Found single slide within Cisco docs…

This was in the depths of this article here.


New Hubbell Hbl21415b Plug 30 Amp 600 Vac 20 Amp 250 Vdc 3 Pole 4 Wire

New Hubbell Hbl21415b Plug 30 Amp 600 Vac 20 Amp 250 Vdc 3 Pole 4 Wire
Plug Is NEW. Has Box, That It Came In, Above Are Actual Pictures Of Plug In This Auction, Has Instruction Sheet For Putting Plug Together On Cord – HUBBELLOCK 30 Amp Male Plug . 48 more words


Electromatic Liquid Level Sensor Vp01e 10-40 Vdc

Electromatic Liquid Level Sensor Vp01e 10-40 Vdc
New Old Warehouse Stock- Electromatic Liquid Level Sensor VP01E 10-40 VDC Please Make Sure This Is What You Need Prior To Bidding. 44 more words


Catalyst vs Nexus

1, Catalyst supports VSS( Virtual Switch System )for combining 2 switches into one logic switch, just like virtual chassis in Juniper EX. While Nexus support… 195 more words


1-DC/Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) overview.

All of us know why any enterprise may need to use devices such as “Nexus switches” on its network infrastructure , the answer is simple, as it is based on the nature of services that it is providing either to its local users or its customers and type/amount of traffic passed over its network, so the enterprise needs such equipment because of the great capabilities offered by the Nexus switches along with its operating system (NX-OS) than the other devices/switches, simply such enterprise requires more powerful device that can handle this amount of traffic, so it needs device that has powerful capabilities to handle Gbps or even Tbps of traffic, so this requires device with specific hardware and software capabilities that is designed for such situation, from H/W specs it needs more physical ports, more advanced ASICs (Application-specific integrated circuits) that should be designed to work with high data rate and to support more advanced applications, as well it needs more and more resources from processing and memory point of view and this for sure does not exist with the well-known access/distribution/core catalyst switches. 1,234 more words

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