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Connecting to VDI

The last lab scenario is to validate that the virtual machines have been created by the students.  However, in a real-world scenario, users would be able to use the Citrix Receiver application to broker and facilitate connecting to their desktop from a variety of devices (i.e., Tablet, Laptop, Smart Phone).   416 more words


VDI Administration

During this lab students will learn some of the many administrative tasks necessary to maintain the virtual infrastructure.  The lab will focus on a simple task of synchronizing the grid time.   207 more words


Assigning Users to VDI Grid

This exercise focuses on users of a Workgroup rather than users within Active Directory (AD).  VDI-in-a-Box does integrate with AD.  However, this is reserved for more advanced studies.  237 more words


Generate a Template

Students will create their desktop template from the Base Image they completed during the Generate a Base Image instruction.  To complete this step students will be naming their template and developing a policy to determine the maximum number of virtual machines within the… 378 more words


Generating a Base Image

This lab is centered on the generation of a Base Desktop Image. Note: the lab demo does not reflect the amount of time necessary to complete the entire process. 315 more words


PVDisk - free space on disk doesn't reflect space used

Hi all,
I recently deployed VDI in a Box for a customer who ask me this question : “We set up 60GB per PVDisk in VDI manager but we only see 30GB free on the p:\ drive of the deployed desktops. 225 more words