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Osso Buco

When I decided to feature osso buco on the blog this week, I had no idea what I’d gotten myself into. Tender medallions of veal slowly braised on the bone in a sauce of white wine, homemade stocks, aromatics, and fresh herbs—I’m about to abandon this post and run to the kitchen for seconds. 1,277 more words

Le Creuset

What's the Deal with Veal?

Veal is one of the more controversial animal products out there – up there with foie gras.  It’s very popular in Italian and French cuisines, but in the U.S. 701 more words

Veal Kidneys in Port Sauce

Something I really missed in the U.S. was “les abats” or the nasty bits.  Offal is so delicate that even if they had been available, I probably wouldn’t have bought any because I don’t trust industrial handling of them. 148 more words

Food And Wine

Oh Vienna! An Austrian Feast...

We are huge Eurovision fans in our house. Usually the evening’s food for the Song Contest draws inspiration from all over Europe but as tonight’s final is coming live from Vienna, it gives us the chance to go full-on Austrian with one of our favourite meals. 703 more words

Chardonnay Day #winenot?


Today is Chardonnay Day. Need we say more? As you can probably guess, we are writing this post after consuming some of the finest California Chardonnay— a successful evening if you ask us! 36 more words


ZYK Enterprises Bulk Veal Recall [US]

US/Washington: ZYK Enterprises recalls an estimated 2,522 pounds of Boneless Veal Trim and Whole Veal Muscle Cut Products due to possible E. coli O157:H7 contamination, a serious health hazard. 362 more words



oh man! I am excited for VanCAF!  This weekend, if you are in the Vancouver BC area, or the lower mainland, or heck, north america, you should probably try and be there.   163 more words