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Veal, Vanilla Spinach and Sour Cherry Reduction

About 15 years ago the entire culinary world, so it seemed, was raving about a shiny oh-so-new and oh-so-trendy kitchen toy – the wok. A couple of weeks into the craze little teenage me went to the bookstore in search of a chinese or thai cookbook – if woks are all the rage all of a sudden, there have to be cookbooks covering any and all types of asian cuisine popping up left, right and center, right? 1,416 more words

Nahdala's Midweek Special

Frigase of Veal

The 17th century receipt (recipe), Frigase of Veal, is presented to table garnished with another 17th century receipt, To make Curd-Cakes.  The veal is seasoned with nutmeg, lemon, thyme and verjuice (prepared from pressed crabapples). 7 more words

Culinary History

Two Eggs and Verjuice

After  the thin, seasoned slices of veal were fried slightly in the pan, the receipt (recipe) for Frigase of Veal states to beat two eggs, and one spoonful of verjuice… 17 more words

Culinary History

Fry It Slightly

Once the thin slices of veal have been seasoned with Nutmeg, Lemon, and Thyme, the receipt ( recipe) for Frigase of Veal states to… 13 more words

Culinary History

Nutmeg, Lemon and Thyme

After the veal is cut in thin slices and beaten well with a rouling pin for the receipt (recipe) Frigase of Veal, the next step is to… 14 more words

Culinary History

Veal Schnitzel with warm potato salad

This is a classic Germany dish which I love to produce both at home and at work.

you can use chicken, mutton, beef, pork, turkey or veal. 422 more words


Good Food, No Decafe

764 10 Avenue

(212) 586-0888

Crispins is loud, unadorned and has no privacy, but it does have very good food.

There is a row of nice wooden tables touching each other, cafeteria style and for some reason theis loud base thumping music with brick walls, that make conversation even across the table a chore. 71 more words

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