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West Nile detected in chickens in Contra Costa County

CONCORD (KRON) — Vector control officials in Contra Costa County are warning residents to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites, after two chickens tested positive for West Nile virus. 356 more words


Trope-a-Day: Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter: The eldrae, and various other transsophonts, play this absolutely straight, with the usual laundry list of clever applications for psychokinesis.  Of course, being a “firm SF” universe, it’s not any kind of… 73 more words


Mosquito abatement and mitigation workshops in Texas

These workshops are designed to train personnel in cities and municipalities that are in the field of mosquito abatement. Each workshop will educate personnel on mosquito identification, biology, ecology, control tactics, trap usage, surveillance, and mosquito control. 367 more words


Trope-a-Day: Spider Tank

Spider Tank: The classic eight-legged war walker is mostly averted these days, thanks to vector control and modern power reactors letting you build hovering tanks, with rather lower maintenance requirements and fewer vulnerable joints, but it was quite the staple back in the day.  59 more words


A genetic method for reducing aedes aegypti populations

Aedes is vector of significance, carries dengue, chickungunya, yellow fever, so this rather Rube Goldberg approach to reducing aedes populations is discussed. 19 more words


Trope-a-Day: Magical Gesture

Magical Gesture: Sometimes, especially when the mechanical psychokinesis is invoked; for one thing, it’s useful as a concentration-aid in training.  But, like we said back in… 80 more words


Trope-a-Day: Made of Indestructium

Made of Indestructium: … alas, the universe is hard on indestructium.

About as close as nature gets is probably neutronium – and whatever even more degenerate forms of quark matter, etc., you can get beyond it. 533 more words