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We vectorize images to vector art  you’ll love – and go to guaranteed success. 22 more words

Goblin Adobe Illustrator drawing

This is a basic illustrator goblin I drew to make a tutorial with my class. I did a sketch first that’s on the site I posted it a while back.


Training My Vector Drawing - Egyptian Priest - February 2015

Good Evening, dear Readers and Followers!

After HOURS of hard work, I am finally presenting one of my first attempts of… vector drawing. I am currently working on graphic design homework implying usage of vector drawing. 239 more words

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Vector Grizzly

I’m by no means a “Crossfitter,” though I’m friends with more of them than you’d expect. It’s not really my thing. At all.

As a Christmas gift for Eric, I drew up this rendition of the California state flag to be printed on a T-shirt. 9 more words


Final double page spread design

Here is my last and final design for the double page spread for the creative review magazine moduel.

From the previous design i decided to change the layout a bit by adding a image at the top of the page with all of the writing in 3 columns and that i added in a quotation box of a quote that many people in the subculture said when interviewed and i clipped it in a box around the text so people would know that it is a quotation and that it is an important quote. 124 more words

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Subculture Creative Review Final cover design

Here is my final design piece for the creative review magazine subculture module. The reason i chose to use these dark colours in the background is because it suited the main vector image instead of bright colours as it set the mood off the initial idea of steampunk – To make it look mysterious. 178 more words

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