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The Illumined Poetic Method of Upanishadic Expression

Communication through language, whether oral or written, presents challenges as to not just the content of the communication, but the manner of the expression and the medium to be used.  575 more words

Sri Aurobindo

Living, Inspired Hymns of Soul-Experience

We can make a distinction between intellectual exercises of logic and reasoning, and the living and inspired understanding that arises from experience.  The intellect revels in abstraction and in many cases, the logical argument seems to be totally divorced from the realities of life; in some cases to such a degree that it becomes hard to follow and contradictory to what our deepest intuition reveals to us.  322 more words

Sri Aurobindo

Etiketli Mutsuzluk Mu, Mutlu Etiketsizlik Mi?

Bir Ömürlük Kurumsal Hayat Veda, Dile Kolay


Bu bir veda hikayesi. Yakınımdan biri uzun yıllar beyaz yakalı sıfatıyla çalıştığı hızlı tüketim sektöründen ayrılıyor. Yaşam boyu benzerlerine şahit olduğum profesyonel ayrılık ritüelini yazıya dökmek istedim. 1,173 more words


Upanishads: Epic Hymns of Self-Knowledge, World-Knowledge and God-Knowledge

There are a number of forms of knowledge in the world.  The West has especially focused on a process of observation of distinctions, organization, classification and an intellectual management of the implications of these distinctions.  528 more words

Sri Aurobindo

Verse from the Veda About Being Pro-Life by Being Pro-Choice

In recent months in the United States, and especially since Mother’s Day, there has been an attack on mothers, and specifically, mothers-to-be. A few days before Mother’s Day, Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, signed into law a fetal-heartbeat abortion ban, which would ban abortions by the sixth week, a time when most women do not even know they are pregnant. 393 more words

The Rigveda

The Upanishads: Philosophical Seeds, and Yet Much More

The influence of the Upanishads world-wide has been pervasive and enormous.  Numerous religions that have arisen in India rely heavily on the Upanishadic view, not the least of which is the Vedanta.  458 more words

Sri Aurobindo

What Are the Upanishads?

The human mind, in its constant attempt to classify, has tried to define the Upanishads as philosophy, or as a religious scripture.  In the West, philosophy is mainly seen as something dry and dusty, based on intellectual attempts to create logical structures for a framework about the nature and purpose of existence.  509 more words

Sri Aurobindo