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$50,000 Per Year to Increase TV Diversity

This opportunity comes from from Disney/ABC:

Disney | ABC Television Group’s (DATG) Creative Talent Development programs are instrumental in identifying and developing creative talent with multicultural voices and perspectives. 902 more words

'The Killing' Producer Tells FCC That Net Neutrality Will Protect Competition

Veena Sud told regulators this morning that her experience with The Killing illustrates how an open Internet promotes media diversity. The AMC series almost didn’t make it to a third season until Netflix offered to help finance. 143 more words


I want to talk, but im dead tired...!!!!

As i sat in my car for 20-30 minutes melting in the heat while waiting for my parents to come back i wrote a big emotional post on Robin Williams and Windows for WordPress very smartly and magically made it all disappear. 91 more words


New Thoughts on the Final Season of The Killing

I’m still digesting the last two episodes and the overall Final Season of The Killing. But I can offer some insights. Please consider that these are not meant to be all-inclusive or absolutes. 1,582 more words


The Killing Post Mortem: EP Veena Sud Talks That Last Scene, the Lost Kiss, an Offscreen Wedding and... a Season 5?

By now, you have probably Netflix-binged The Killing‘s final season — and you no doubt have questions of the burning and nagging variety. (If you’re still making your way through the six-episode swan song, bookmark this story and return when you are finished.) 1,640 more words


TV Review: The Killing Seasons 3 & 4

Netflix has just released the final season (Season 4) of American hit show, The Killing, and it’s a good one. Developed by Veena Sud and following on from Season 3’s case of the missing street children it’s the one that gives the show some closure. 486 more words

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"The Killing" Comes To A Close | [SPOILER ALERT]

Don’t read this article. Really, I’m going to ruin the last season before you even watch it!

Revived for a six-episode final season on Netflix, it’s undeniably tough to wrap up, particularly given that Season 3 ended with such darkness and contradiction.  332 more words