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'Veep' Star Timothy Simons On Jonah Ryan's Villainy And Which Insults Hit Hardest

With Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) out of power, HBO’s Veep has maintained a connection to the inner workings of government by way of Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons), the entitled manchild pariah turned congressman who is seemingly on the cusp of attaining actual power if his ascent stays on track. 1,454 more words

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Richard Splett, best staffer ever

Why not take a moment to appreciate Richard Splett, who is one of the best characters on Veep? He’s unfailingly nice, cheery, and I would call him every day just so I could listen to his outgoing message, which is amazing. 536 more words

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Why We Love....In The Loop

It’s election season! Which, just like the football season, is something where the losing team get to claim it’s a close result if they lost by 40 points, and the winners get to claim “nobody can question us” when they win by 4. 809 more words

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It's all about the Veep

Will he be impeached and if so when? One of the most important factors in the impeachment of a president is the Vice President.  If Spiro Agnew  had remained Vice President, Richard Nixon would have never been impeached. 187 more words

Top Five Fridays: Shows That Have Appeared Since We Disappeared (Continued)

Honorable mentions: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Atlanta, Fargo, Justified, Orange is the New Black, The Good Wife, Transparent, House of Cards, Silicon Valley, True Detective, Mr. 1,024 more words

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VIDEO: Is Joe's On Weed REALLY The "Worst Bar In America?"

On Veep, Jonah Ryan is NOT a good person. In real life, however, Timothy Simons is. (He’s the actor who portrays Jonah on HBO.) 73 more words