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California Film-TV Tax Incentive Program Shows 'Encouraging' Results (Study)

The first year of California’s expanded tax incentive program has achieved “encouraging” results, according to a progress report released by the state’s film commission.

The study, unveiled Thursday, showed significant gains in employment for actors and below-the-line employees and noted that the incentive program has lured half a dozen TV series to relocate to California — “Mistresses” (which returned to California from Vancouver); “Scream Queens” and “American Horror Story” (which moved from Louisiana); “Veep (from Maryland), “Secrets and Lies” (from North Carolina); and ABC’s “American Crime” (which recently moved from Texas). 810 more words


'Veep' Had To Cut A Joke Because Donald Trump Is 'Ruining Comedy'

One of the true pleasures of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is waiting for Bee’s next description of Donald Trump. One episode he’s a “two-bit used hate salesmen”; the next, a “crotch-fondling slab of rancid meatloaf.” His whole campaign is one never-ending joke that was never funny in the first place, and it’s hard for writers to come up with material that isn’t clever name-calling. 240 more words


’Veep’ Season 6 Star Jonah Ryan Champions Arts Education With The Rest Of The Cast

Do you watch ‘Veep’? Then you know Jonah Ryan – or rather the actor who plays Jonah Ryan. Timothy Simons, who acts as the White House liaison to the Vice President Meyer’s office in the show ‘Veep’ is out to “use his influence.” This isn’t a prelude to ‘Veep’ season 6. 11 more words

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My five all-time fave moments on TV

There are certain shows I can watch over and over indefinitely, and certain moments within those shows that I go back to time and time again because they’re just so deeply, deeply great. 587 more words


These Shows Masterfully Capture The Different Aspects Of Politics

This feature is part of our Politics and Entertainment week, looking at the points where art and issues overlap.

Lately, it’s been easy to blur the line between politics and entertainment. 1,321 more words


TV Runs for Office: 10 Funny Episodes to Help You Survive Until Election Day

Are you tired of this election? That means you have something in common with, well, everyone.

You can’t flip on the TV these days without hearing someone yell about Trump, Hillary, videos, emails, tax returns, Wikileaks… and we still have more than three weeks to go! 169 more words

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Hail To The Fake Chief: The Seven Types Of Fictional U.S. President

This feature is part of our Politics and Entertainment week, looking at the points where art and issues overlap.

As this lurching nightmare of a presidential election wheezes toward the finish line, we’re left once again to ponder how — with rare exceptions — the candidates for the highest office in our land so often seem like so much less than our best and brightest. 1,948 more words