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Veggie Detox Soup

Veggie Detox Soup {4 servings}
Inspired by: Tara’s Veggie Detox Soup 
What ingredients you’ll want to wrastle up:


Getting down in Donegal

When you’re getting used to driving on the opposite side on smaller roads and while raining, add a little leeway time. The running joke as we headed out of Dublin became ‘if it feels wrong, it’s right.’ 691 more words


Flirting with Dublin

We hopped on the plane around 6pm EST and flew into the morning. The flight was 7 hours and there is a five hour time difference between Dublin and New York. 463 more words


Being a Greek myth for a few hours

‘I had to sit on the runway for 40 minutes.’ Oh, my god, really? What happened then? Did you fly through the air like a bird, incredibly? 341 more words

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Miami's top veg eats

Today we’re going to get over the conception that meatless meals are composed of tofu stuffed with tofu served atop of tofu. Take a deep breath and forget about the hippie vegetarian stereotype. 108 more words


Rainbows, Running, and Refueling

Today I ran in the Brooklyn Pride 5k. Standing at the start line, I thought, ‘Pride week is to many of the people here, probably like what a Veg Fest is to me.’ And, for me, Veg Fests are an opportunity to feel less in the minority. 492 more words

Veg Eats

Meet The Shannons

I go the chance to meet Annie and Dan Shannon last night. Their new cookbook “Betty Goes Vegan” is getting tons of kudos. Be sure to catch the clip of them on… 20 more words

Veg Eats