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Ill food

So we all know that when we are ill (by we, i mean me), we eat bad food to make us feel better.

Well this week i have done exactly that. 273 more words

Rasmalai / Cottage cheese discs in sweetened thickened milk

Rasmalai is one of my favorite Indian sweets. After making some Rasgullas, I decided to reserve some of them to make rasmalai. Saying the word rasmalai itself, my mouth starts watering. 215 more words


Rasgulla/ Sugar soaked Cottage cheese balls

I had more than half litre of milk that tasted a little different than usual. We suspected that it was about to get spoilt. I was really feeling bad to discard so much of milk. 350 more words


5 BestPinwheel recipe (Veg): Party ideas

Hello Friends/hosts,

Now, that everyone is waiting for holidays I would like to share my findings on party ideas.

The goal of the party is to enjoy food, drinks and good company. 636 more words


Rajma Masala

Rajma or Red Kidney Beans are a staple in almost every North Indian household. Rajma Chawal – Rajma served with Steamed Rice, is a legend in Punjab. 582 more words


Living on the Veg, Part 1: Eat, Drink and Be Veg

Most people are confused when I tell them veg is a lifestyle.  They get that I don’t eat meat.  Their minds conjure images of hippies and granola.  1,289 more words

Brown Bag of Goodies

There is nothing I love more than fresh produce. Its so full of flavor and I personally would have it over any processed food any day! 175 more words