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Ramen to That

Okay so day three, breakfast was the same porridge but with more salt, deal with it. Lunch should have been identical to yesterday but I forgot my apple, so I bought a Double Decker (only 50p). 337 more words


Spring Clean

This spring we’ve had a proper spring clean that hopefully will continue.

Farms and environmentalists are well known to do a spot of hording. Everything can potentially be repaired or re-used somewhere else, but also on farms there always is an enormous to do list and never any time to repair things. 313 more words


Aish el saraya (Middle eastern pudding with bread and custard)

Here is another Middle eastern dessert – Aish el saraya which literally means “palace bread”. The bottom layered with bread and topped with milk pudding/ custard. 597 more words


Bachelor Banquets

Okay so I’m a single guy from South West Scotland, an area famed for really bad diets and heart disease. Yes my avatar is a deep fried pizza. 175 more words


Butterscotch Ice cream

A year ago, at a family friend’s get together, we all friends were discussing about ice creams. I happened to mention to them that recently I happened to try avocado ice cream. 470 more words


Trial 05 - Tomato watering methods

In Trial 05 I am going to test out a different approach to watering my tomatoes. In the last 2 or 3 years I have grown tomatoes in growbags in a sunny spot on the patio, using specialised tomato pots which have a “moat” for easy watering. 664 more words


Vada Pav !

If you’re visiting Mumbai, you can’t leave without having Vada Pav. Vada Pav is the most lovable street food of Mumbai. There are around more than 40,000 stalls offering this iconic fast food. 913 more words