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Teriyaki style salmon with udon noodles

Been suffering from the first day blues after a week off.

Noodles it so totally had to be!


    Pak choi
    Red chilli

Need Potassium? Eat your Veg!

Roasted Vegetables 

According to http://www.nutritionfacts.org less than 2% of Americans meet their recommended  minimum adequate intake of potassium.   This is in large part to our avoidance of veggies!   647 more words

Born in the wrong century

Bowl in hand, I wander slowly along the hedgerow, seeking out the freshest (and cleanest!) nettle tips and a handful of the brightest Jack-by-the-hedge leaves.  Cooked briefly, the nettles lose their sting and taste like spinach, and Jack-by-the-hedge certainly lives up to its other name of garlic mustard. 147 more words


Ta vara på

Mina rosor råkade stå i solen och nickade till. Nu bor de i en skål med vatten.

Jag har en alldeles ljuvlig kollega och vän som ville ge mig en cykel som sett sina bästa dagar. 203 more words


Basic Onion Tomato Masala

Now you would say why would I post about basic masala that is commonly prepared in every Indian houshold. I’ll tell you why!!!

This masala has been my saviour a zillion times. 290 more words


Onions and Potatos! And oh, my SI joint!

Well, we finally got the load of goat manure that has been in the trailer for 2 weeks finished.  Beard Ladies Goat Farm has been wonderful in giving away manure these last few years.  198 more words



Jag har jobbat i Malmö idag, några nya projekt för mig. Ett bra möte och det var trevligt där – en kollega fyllde år och firades med en StarWarsfigur och bubbel. 39 more words