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Grow to eat.

Growing food for my family is becoming more and more important to me. In the past few years the things I grow for the table have increased. 343 more words


Kuli paniyaram

Kuli paniyaram is a popular south Indian dish. Everyone will like this dish. This can be prepared when we get bored of idli and dosa. Kuli paniyaram is prepared in a special panther comes with special fissures.. 339 more words


Girls and Their Gadgets

Everyone knows the phrase ‘boys and their toys’, (usually said by mothers/wives/girlfriends about their sons/husbands/boyfriends, accompanied by an obligatory eye roll, as the male in their life plays about with his latest hi-tech gismo), but I know many girls who love a gadget just as much as the next bloke, and I’m no exception! 343 more words

Eloquent Gibberish

Cucumber Salad

Serves: 1

Time: 10 minutes


1 cucumber

1 tomato

About 1 carrot


1 tsp ginger

1 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp soy sauce… 140 more words


Popping in the Celery

I was lucky enough this week to be given some lovely healthy little celery seedlings. It’s such a lovely community at the allotment, everyone swapping and eager to share their ‘babies’! 164 more words


New beginnings

It has been quite a momentous spring in the Veggietoots household. Not only have we taken on a plot at a new site, but we have also become caretakers of a two week old human, the latter being the main reason for a lack of posts since last autumn. 484 more words


Aam Dal or Masoor lentils with Green Mango

As the scorching summer is on its peak with the mercury soaring high, we should opt for lighter and healthier food to keep our body cool. 238 more words

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