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The simplest of bakes

Such was the simplicity of this bake that it barely qualifies for its own post. I shall nevertheless give it one! I went on holiday last week, and my best friends looked after my cat the night that I went away. 185 more words


Vegan Eats | Warming Autumn Fruits Crumble

Many of my favourite childhood food memories – is there a word in existence that combines food and nostalgia? – revolve around the delicious, comforting puddings my mum would occasionally make for us: jam tarts with homemade pastry, apple and cinnamon cake, flapjacks and, perhaps my favourite,  a good old fruit crumble. 292 more words

Black Bean Brownies

Brownies. Warm, fudgey, chocolatey deliciousness that tends to go well with anything from peanut butter to ice cream. They’re a classic dish for any baker. And I, in my attempt to health-ify these delectable little fudgey wonders, absolutely RUINED them. 483 more words


Spice Cake Doughnuts With Whiskey Glaze

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m in love with these doughnuts! Spice cake doughnuts topped with a thick whiskey infused glaze. Baked, not fried. 583 more words


Mini Chocolate Berry Turnovers

I’m not a fan of halving pie crust recipes. I’ve found that, for me, the crusts never come out quite the same, and I have difficulty working with the reduced ingredients. 399 more words


Peanut Butter & Banana "Cheesecake" - vegan friendly

Who doesn’t love a good cheesecake? Creamy, rich, indulgent… And you’d have thought that being vegan means giving up on decadent treats such as these, but you’d be wrong. 882 more words


Turmeric Orange Blossom Cake

I’m still alive (though buried under late stage PhD work), but did not want to miss this year’s vegan bake off by PETA (find the recipes from the last years… 303 more words