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Raspberry, cinnamon and sweet potato brownie recipe

Here it is, folks.

I made a second attempt at the sweet potato brownie and it was a fine attempt.

These brownies are gooey, smooth, bursting with sharp raspberries and smattered with lumps of dark, rich chocolate. 32 more words


Very chocolate brownies, that can be vegan, if that's your thing 

If you’re anything like me, it’s not very often that you need a big pan of brownies. It’s not like I have to do bake sales or church dinners or anything. 328 more words

Cupcake Brownies (gf, v)

One of my best early foodie memories, before learning to cook, and before eating ethically, were the brownies at Bonefish Grill. The brownies were so gooey, and sweet. 284 more words


~ A Tower of Brownies, BReD from Ed & Loka Yoga~

My Brownies were stacked and ready to go to another Vegan Potluck!!  It was hard to just lay them all out on the plate, I nibbled away at the little crumbs that fell from the dark rich squares. 556 more words


Delicious Vegan Treat Alert!

Going vegan can be pretty challenging for people who love sweets. At the grocery store you might find yourself looking longingly at cupcakes and brownies and cookies, knowing that they are bound to be filled with eggs or butter or milk, and therefore very un-vegan friendly.  139 more words


Food: Incorporating more YUM into our diets.

It’s been a delicious time to be in our household. We’ve been in the mood to cook so we’ve been coming up with all sorts of delicious meals. 294 more words


Black Bean Brownies (using Aquafaba.)

To be honest, I am not sure I am one to decide what is good brownies or not. Back in my baking tweens, making a decent batch of American style brownies was like the one thing I did not master. 146 more words