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Sweet Potato Brownie Adventures

Want a tray of brownies without my delirious rambling?

Click here for my melt-in-your-mouth sweet potato brownies recipe.

Otherwise, prepare to read about my adventure in sweet potato brownies™. 1,257 more words


Healing: Day 4 ... and also: Brownies!

Here we are on Day 4. Yesterday I complained that my digestion seemed to have stalled. Well, it’s fixed! It’s the best it’s been in four years, which – well, it’s hard to explain just how huge that is. 403 more words


Easy Peasy Coconut & Cashew Brownies

I never made brownies before I became Vegan… Thinking about it, I never even baked before I became Vegan (life changing stuff) But I was very surprised at how cheap & easy these are to make. 335 more words


Raw Vegan Non Bake Brownies...

So you know when you get those people who go ‘you’re vegan? What do you even eat?’ Well…

I may or may have not made some brownies, which are 100% Vegan, and 100% raw and healthy. 258 more words


Easy Vegan Brownies

Apologies for the lack of prep photos, or any other photos really, I was hungry af. Tip: I mixed it all in a square 21.5cm x 5cm baking tin to save time. 160 more words



A friend of mine and I decided to make brownies last weekend. They turned out super chocolatey and delicious. If you like chocolate or brownies, you will love these. 166 more words

Healthy Fudge Brownies! 

They’re vegan, gluten and dairy free, with no added sugar, and they definitely help kill the cravings!

Ingredients (makes 16)