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Double Chocolate Brownies

My very favorite dessert is and has always been chocolate brownies. This recipe takes the cake! I finally found a rich, fudge, dark chocolate brownie experience spiked with coffee, that rivals even conventional recipes. 183 more words



Sometimes when you want something sweet and you can’t get exactly what you want you can get what you need. I wanted to make a very elaborate recipe I saw on Pinterest but didn’t have the ingredients on hand. 107 more words


Jackfruit BBQ Sandwiches & Coleslaw

Over the years, movies have become the ultimate form of bonding for my family. Whether it’s going out to see the latest summer block buster, settling in for yet another Harry Potter marathon, or even watching a subtitled foreign flick, nothing brings my family together quite like movie night. 581 more words


Hint of Hazelnut Vegan Brownies

Eating clean doesn’t mean giving up dessert.  There are hundreds of “healthier” dessert recipes out there that exclude butter, cream, eggs, white sugar and refined white flours.   324 more words


Brownie Mysteries

So, it is Monday and I have had a story in my head for a few days. I also experimented in the kitchen, please excuse the bad photography. 3,305 more words

Aquafaba Brownies

I’m always trying to find new ways to use aquafaba. I only heard about it a few months ago but I’m now a huge fan. I’ve made Meringues and a scrummy Chocolate Mousse  but then I heard about Brownies. 196 more words