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Confection Perfection

‘If a confection company produced the perfect candy bar, what would it contain?’

I posed this question to Antonia and her friend, Sarah, when we were sitting outside… 685 more words

Askeys Chocolate Chunk Crackin Sauce

Today I am reviewing

Askeys Chocolate Chunk Crackin Sauce.
On a trip to Tesco yesterday I was shocked to discover that this is both dairy-free and vegan. 236 more words

Dairy Free

Tesco Finest Gianduiotti (vegan / Dairy-free chocolate)

Today I am reviewing

Tesco Finest Gianduiotti.
Found these in the “normal” choc bit of Tesco thought they sounded a bit like the legendary ‘Vego’ bars and was very happy to discover that these were also free from dairy, gluten and animal products. 127 more words

Dairy Free

Fruit Free Bliss Balls

Hey Everyone!

So this recipe is a guilt free after or before snack that is perfect for dancers, athletes or just a healthy treat. Now usually bliss balls are made with dates or sultanas however I’ve done some research. 307 more words


Homemade Vegan White Chocolate (gluten, dairy and nut free)

Ohmygoshhh. I’ve always been more into white chocolate than milk and dark chocolate, but there’s no vegan white chocolate here in Australia (to my knowledge, at least) for when I want the dairy free version. 204 more words



Easter just wouldn’t be the same without a bit of chocolate indulgence, and these Chocolate Caramel Popcorn cups are exactly that.

With compromising on decadence these treats are fructose free, dairy free and gluten free which mean everyone can enjoy one (or in my case, 3) The popcorn is held together by a rich caramel made from a combination of just rice malt syrup, tahini and salt and is pure heaven if you ask me. 385 more words