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Ohso Amazing

When I first stumbled across this gem in Holland and Barrett I couldn’t believe it. Probiotic Chocolate?! Is this for real? I was excepting something bitter and dry, but instead it was smooth and sweet. 95 more words


Aquafaba chocolate mousse (vegan)

I’ve been eyeing off aquafaba (chickpea brine) mousse recipes on the internet for months now so decided to pull my finger out on the weekend and give it a try. 385 more words



Hey babes,

Nice to have the Sunday off, me and my boyfriend has just been laying in bed and snuggled. After a while I felt for some hot chocolate.. 81 more words


Chocolate Avocado Cake - Recipe

This may send anyone not used to working with avocado reeling, but avocado is wonderful in desserts as it’s super creamy and the taste is quite neutral. 292 more words

Vegan Food

Conscious Chocolates

I’m not really a raw-food type of gal. For me, veganism is about the animals, and the animals don’t care if I eat my broccoli raw, steamed, or stir-fried. 223 more words

Palm-oil Free

Vegan Tuck Box Unboxing | May

Great Food Affairs Bruschetta Garlic & Parsley

These were so good with Vitalite, but I couldn’t eat too many because they were super crispy and it hurt my teeth, but they are super tasty! 120 more words


Vegan Tuck Box Unboxing | April

Abakus Hickory Smoked Nuts

I really didn’t like these, they tasted like burnt caramel. I was unimpressed.

Lara Bar Chocolate & Coconut

I loved this, it was exactly like a nakd bar, if you don’t know what that is its just a bunch of raw ingredients squished together into a bar. 201 more words