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squirrels watch me eat

I’ve been reading about the recent food-related archaeological finds from the huge Iron Age feast on South Ronaldsay, with the cooked bones of about 10,000 animals found in the midden. 400 more words

Recipe - Easy and Delicious Vegan Banana Bread

It’s fairly rare in our house that bananas go uneaten long enough to be really really ripe, but if you can keep your family’s hands off them, using up ripe bananas in this delicious gooey banana bread is the way to go. 208 more words


Baby Cauliflowers in a Comfort Blanket with Cumin Flash Fried Apples

Flash fried food is not greasy because it is cooked quickly at a high temperature; because you shake off any excess margarine before serving, it is not swimming in fat.  324 more words


Allspice Date and Mango Cake

If any single ingredient symbolises the beginnings of fusion food in England, it is Allspice.  Allspice is ground from a single berry (of the Pimento Dioica tree from Central America to be pedantic), but in the 15th Century the British thought it tasted like the combined flavours of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg, so they called it Allspice.  285 more words


Persian Rock Cakes

Birthday Persian Rock Cakes

These little light cakes are a particular favourite of mine. They are quick, supremely easy to make and are very economical. Sprinkle a classically Persian ingredient into classically English cake mix which has stood the test of time and you have an extra special breakfast fit for a birthday or another occasion worth celebrating. 284 more words


Double Corn Stroganoff

A happy Thursday to you!  Do you like this internationally popular recipe? It really began life as a fusion recipe in the 19th Century,  with the Stroganoff family’s French chef adding his own touches to an old Russian recipe, and cooks have been adding their own touches ever since.  262 more words


Lentil and Pesto Roast with Courgettes and Lemony Beans

This makes a good sized portion for an otherwise traditionally British family roast and is equally tasty cold the next day if any slices are left over.  463 more words