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Thinking about going Vegan?

If you’re like me you’ve had Veganism on your mind for a long time. Usually when something is on our mind for a while it’s because that ‘something’ means a lot to us. 43 more words


Scottish Tattie Scones

Aye ye canny beat a tattie scone! …or for those south of the border, potato scones… a bit like Irish potato bread or English potato cakes… only better of course ;-)  I only recently discovered that folk on the West coast of Scotland call Potatoes ‘Totties’ rather than ‘Tatties’ as we do on the East coast… so there you go, fact fans! 407 more words


Selfish Benefits of Going Vegan!

HIYA! I know being vegan is a completely selfless thing to do, but I thought I’d talk about the benefits of going vegan that benefit our body itself. 575 more words

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Dhebra/fenugreek tortilla 


  1. Bajri flour – 3 cup
  2. Wheat flour – 1cup
  3. Lemon – 1
  4. Jaggery – 2 big pieces
  5. Methi (fenugreek)Masala – 3 teaspoons
  6. Turmeric powder- 1/2 Teaspoon…
  7. 125 more words
Vegan Cooking

5-minute Peanut Butter Cups.

Valentines Day. It is not like I need another reason to eat chocolate. Frankly, I happily eat chocolate whatever the occasion. Or lack of occasion. But for a calendar event that literally screams Cho-co-late like the 14th of February, who am I to contradict? 216 more words


Wanna cook something healthy?

So, lately, we’ve been giving a plant-based diet a go. In a burst of enthusiasm I decided I could cook and gave refried beans a shot. 106 more words

Digital Detox

Somewhere along the way, my phone got out of hand.
Rather, it was never out of my hand.

Alarm chimes. Hand goes to phone. Depending on the latest incoming message a cobalt or green-means-go light flashes from the top right corner of my phone, a tiny beacon. 645 more words