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Conscious Cooking

Now that we have committed to the purchase of tahini for next week’s secret beet dip, we need to find some additional applications. I would have never thought to suggest you turn this into a face mask.. 113 more words


My week of Losing Weight

A few months ago, in March I believe, I stepped on the scale and saw that I was 10 lbs heavier than I thought I was. 297 more words

Vegan Cooking

Scalloped cauliflower

Dear Happy People,
This is one of my favorite dishes from my childhood, my mother 
prepared it very often (but as a non-vegan version).
Now, I have "veganized" the recipe and I would like to share it with you. 152 more words

A Tasty Little Tart

I felt like getting creative over the weekend. I haven’t cooked anything technical in a while and my fingers were itching to try something new. Work has also been pretty full on lately and I simply haven’t had the capacity to will myself to get energetic and creative in the kitchen…so it was nice to feel that urge come back. 547 more words

Baked potato wedges (quick and easy)

Dear Happy People,
The potato wedges can be prepared very easily and taste very well.
Although I do not use any oil the potato wedges get crispy. 115 more words

Colorful coleslaw

Dear Happy People,
This coleslaw is made with red cabbage and without oil (I just use
some tahini). It makes a huge bowl of coleslaw, tell your friends to
come by or just leave it in the fridge, it will taste even more
delicious on the next day! 143 more words

Tofegg Omelette Muffins

Before I quit eating eggs I would whip up a batch of mini egg omelettes using a muffin tin. It was basically just 6-12 eggs, a little water, salt & pepper and chopped veggies in muffin tins and baked at 350* for 15 minutes. 216 more words