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Insert Sparkly Attention-Getting Title Here (Hi)

I cannot count how many times I have started, then abandoned a blog. I also cannot put into words why it feels different this time. I hope it’s different. 173 more words

About Me

Gaining Clarity In A Vegan Life

You could easily argue that I picked the worse time of year to partake in a Vegan Challenge.  Strangely I never considered the approaching holidays.  I had already been thinking about eliminating meat and seafood from my diet.  1,133 more words


Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Jackfruit + Macaroni Salad

I know what you’re thinking…What is this sorcery?? How do I get jackfruit to resemble, and TASTE LIKE pulled pork? Well, it’s definitely possible, and it’s absolutely delicious. 437 more words

Tip of the Week: Holiday Edition

Every year, I have always had such a hard time with buying or making gifts for all of my family and friends. If I buy gifts for EVERYONE, my pocket book suffers. 420 more words

Beyond Meat Vegan Cheeseburger Meatloaf

Hey pals,

It has been a bit since I posted any new recipes. I have been sick for the last two weeks on and off. Any free time has been spent baking yummy Christmas cookies. 245 more words


Vegan Ramen Bowl

Whether you’re a Japanese food aficionado or a consumer of Cup-O-Noodles (or both!), a bowl of hot ramen noodles is an easy winter comfort food. 77 more words


Whole Foods vegan cooking classes in Brea

Be sure to check the calendar at your local Whole Foods- or use the app online for events. Ours has had a series of vegan events which this month feature holiday cooking demos. 94 more words