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What Was I Up To In February 2018

February was a cold cold month when I’ve been just trying to keep warm and dreaming of warmer months to come. I had a small city trip to London to see a friend… 144 more words


Piñatex: Sustainable Leather from Pineapple Leaves

Leather is a fashion paradox. From shoes to outerwear, it’s a material that people would always want. Despite the fact that it’s made of animal skin and treated with harsh chemicals that end up in waterways, someone wearing a leather coat would be met with much less ferocity than someone wearing a fur coat. 217 more words


Beyond aesthetics of injustice

An audacious call to ethical visionaries to shed moral camouflage

Yes, I am with Whitehead that processes not objects best describe reality. We can only grind the neuronal roads we drive, to love, ambition and survival, into impassable pits of self-sabotage if we don’t wake up to the inherent aspirations hidden in our every movement onward. 482 more words


Monthly Favorites | January

Hey all! Yes, this is me trying to get back to posting regularly? How long it will last, the world may never know. What’s easier to get back into the groove of things than a nice monthly favorites. 1,205 more words

Friday Five

non-vegan fabrics to avoid (and vegan alternatives to look for!)

(Photo by Karen Cantú Q on Unsplash)

When you first start vegan-izing your closet, it can feel like everything is made using animal textiles. There are times when I’ll visit a store and walk out not having found a single sweater or scarf that isn’t pumped full of wool or alpaca. 641 more words

When life gives you lemons, make some lemon cakes because you're absolutely amazing

As the title maaay vaguely suggest, I haven’t been very on top of my game lately. But rather than focus on the negatives (throws glitter into the air): I have repurposed the Kraft-tex material I made a while ago into something completely new! 163 more words


Marketing meat: leather

Leather is often seen as the king of the fabric world. It’s billed as a durable, strong material, which is fire and abrasion resistant. It’s usually an indicator of quality, the ‘real’ products are made from leather, and the ‘fake’ copycats from plastic, or some other material. 475 more words