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Vegan Leather: What is it Made of?

The leather and meat industry go hand in hand. Leather often comes from factory farmed animals, enduring overcrowding, dehorning, tail-docking and castration. Leather is often dismissed as a by-product of the meat industry, when it is actually… 79 more words


5 Surprisingly Affordable Ethically-Made Labels You Can Feel Good About Shopping

A hard truth to swallow—especially in the age of $20 jeans and $5 tank tops—is that quality costs money. For designers to produce garments and accessories through supply channels that pay workers at every level a living wage, they need to set prices to reflect that. 191 more words


From one blogger to another

This blog all started from photographing fashion bloggers. A few months ago, during Boston’s bitterly cold winter, there wasn’t much to photograph. No one plans weddings or does family shoots in the winter, so I started to reach out to fashion bloggers all over Boston to photograph their outfits. 125 more words

Southern Girl

My Fashion Revolution Haulternative: Making the Most of What I have

I’ve really been rethinking my role as a consumer and, over the last year or so, have realized that having a lot of shoes, clothes, and things is, for me, a bit suffocating.    1,483 more words


Why I Thrift!

I have been big into thrifting for clothes and household goods since I was about 15 (17 years ago! Ah!) and have no problem telling everyone about it. 382 more words


Leather Today


The above article covers some interesting new developments in the leather industry, most particularly how leather is now being drug into the fast-fashion game, and how some vendors are attempting to provide leather alternatives. 337 more words

Christian Fashion

Wingtip Wallet

The pocket square, while functionally unnecessary, remains a critical accessory for the well-dressed man or woman. The Wingtip Wallet, a bi-fold wallet designed to be your pocket square, recently hit its funding goal of $11,000 on Kickstarter. 50 more words

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