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Cauliflower Bhajis

Cauliflower just seems to revel in Indian spices.  It comes alive every time.

These ‘healthier’ Bhajis are a take on the classic onion Bhaji…but with cauliflower ūüćÉ …and they’re baked … so less oil … 504 more words


Italian Summer Vegetable and Flageolet Broth

‘Tis August…the silly season …and I’ve been away on high days and holidays …and taking a break from cooking …but not from eating ūüćī… a girl’s always gotta eat! 760 more words


Proper Veggie Burgers.

Veggie burger has become one of those generic terms for something that is usually round, can be baked or fried, contains no meat and has some sort of indeterminate veggies in it!   611 more words


Sri Lankan Style Green Bean Curry. Bonchi Maluwa.

Young fresh fine green beans are a joy. ¬†I’ve been looking for a recipe to show them off and I think I’ve found one. ¬†Sri Lankan Green Bean Curry is a traditional recipe, which inevitably¬†has many versions. 387 more words


Gigantes Plaki. Greek Bean Stew.

I guess it must be time for yet another bowl of beans!  Distinctly European on this occasion.  This one is full of rich powerful flavours: olives, tomatoes (sun-dried and fresh), celery, paprika, garlic and tons of fresh herbs.   529 more words


West African Black-Eyed Bean Stew.

I know the sun is shining somewhere … but it sure ain’t here in my bit of the UK! ¬†It’s grey, it’s wet, it’s cold and disturbingly¬†unseasonable. 575 more words


Tandoori Aloo

Potatoes marinaded in a spicy, lemony, creamy sauce and then baked until tender.

What could be simpler?

An economical, minimal-effort midweek meal that ticks the comfort-zone box too. 402 more words