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Stuffed Mushrooms on a bed of Tagliatelle in a Spicy Tomato Sauce, + Wild Rocket.

Yet another inspiration from Italy…

….there’s little doubt, that of the whole of Europe, Italy provides much scope recipe-wise, from a vegan point of view.  Greece perhaps comes a close second. 646 more words


Italian Risotto + sautéed and steamed Asparagus, Baby Sweet Corn and Courgette.

Several hundred years ago, rice was introduced into the Lombardy Region of Northern Italy, and a classic dish that originates from Italy is Risotto.

According to Wikipedia: … 888 more words


Chinese Yellow Bean and Noodle Stir-Fry. Vegan.

The Chinese New Year of the Monkey has begun….  And I’m a Monkey.  So I’m hoping it will be a good year, not just for me, but for everyone. 348 more words


Himalayan Potato, Tomato, Green Pepper and Onion Takari

Takari is a curry in which all ingredients are sautéed in oil, cooked in their own juices, and infused with fragrant spices.

Really simple to do, and adaptable.   411 more words


Tibetan Momo + Achar Dipping Sauce. Vegan.

Here’s a really nice way to use Seitan.  I bought some the other day, I was intrigued…. and since then I’ve spent some time looking for ways to use it in an interesting way….and I think I’ve found one!   1,113 more words


Savoury Spring Vegetable Crumble. A Simple Vegan Supper.

A savoury vegetable crumble with a spring in its step!   Mushrooms, broccoli, broad beans, green beans, and spring greens… in a creamy garlicky sauce…. and with a light crumbly topping. 581 more words


Thai Coconut and Vegetable Stew. Vegan.

A deliciously simple throw it together sort of meal…zinging with Thai flavours …and infinitely adaptable.

I actually bought a fresh coconut for this, but a tin of coconut milk will do just fine. 412 more words