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Gigantes Plaki. Greek Bean Stew.

I guess it must be time for yet another bowl of beans!  Distinctly European on this occasion.  This one is full of rich powerful flavours: olives, tomatoes (sun-dried and fresh), celery, paprika, garlic and tons of fresh herbs.   529 more words


West African Black-Eyed Bean Stew.

I know the sun is shining somewhere … but it sure ain’t here in my bit of the UK!  It’s grey, it’s wet, it’s cold and disturbingly unseasonable. 575 more words


Tandoori Aloo

Potatoes marinaded in a spicy, lemony, creamy sauce and then baked until tender.

What could be simpler?

An economical, minimal-effort midweek meal that ticks the comfort-zone box too. 402 more words


Crispy Tofu + Warm Noodle and Spring Vegetable Salad + Ginger and Tahini Dressing.

This is a recipe based on the delicious, tender, sweetness of young fresh carrots, using some of my favourite Asian flavours…. naturally…!

Haven’t had the chance to do much cooking lately….because, right now, it’s all about the growing!   685 more words


Mushroom Stroganoff

Mushrooms cooked in a rich, mellow, but light sauce.  Stroganoff is a Russian dish dating back to the nineteenth century.

Traditionally it included meat, but mushrooms are a great alternative.   368 more words


Okonomiyaki. Japanese Pizza.

I had been wondering what to do with the cabbage in my veggie basket.  I was thinking of stuffed cabbage leaves… because prior to that I’d been considering the grape vine that is now leaping into life over my garden shed and thinking that it would be nice to try stuffed vine leaves from scratch when the leaves get bigger….and that was but a short jump to cabbage leaves ;)  ….idle lateral thinking really… 598 more words


Asparagus and Aubergine Tempura with a Dipping Sauce.

Tempura needs the right conditions to excel…. a light chilled batter, sizzling hot oil and flavoursome vegetables.  Along with a dipping sauce that zings.

I hope that this recipe fulfils all of that…. 568 more words