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Sweet Potato Pizza | with Artichoke Cream.

Weekend! A marvelous time for pizza-making. There’s two pizza recipes I have stumbled over lately and wished to try, namely one made from sweet potatoes (shocker yes…) and the other with artichoke cream rather than your standard tomato sauce… 300 more words


Vegan Cashew Mozzarella Recipe - Step 3 To Homemade Vegan Pizza 

Most vegan cheese I see looks completely unappealing. My husband and I have tried a few that we found lacking and passed by others that looked like flavored cardboard. 252 more words

Sunday Dinner: Pizza

PIZZA. This is one of the things I was most concerned about giving up when I went vegan… I basically require pizza to live. Lucky for me, I’ve still been able to enjoy it as a vegan with the use of Daiya cheeze and all the veggies I am used to. 258 more words


Raw mini pizzas

I love these they are so simple to make and absolutely delicious  122 more words

Vegan Muffin Tray Tortilla Pizzas

I’ve seen loads of people making these so wanted to do my own version that’s vegan.  I use Violife pizza cheese in these, which is so delicious!  455 more words


Vegan Travel: Rome's Hidden Vegan District

Situated only a few roads apart, we stumbled across a small area of Rome that was home to 5, if not more, vegan friendly restaurants. Situated in the Parione district, the Campo de’ Fiori area is a neighbourhood with traditional character, home to a bustling market in the square with numerous tiny side streets weaving and winding. 842 more words