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Pizza Night

Pizza is sooo easy and quick to make when you live close to a Trader Joe’s! They have pre-made pizza dough for just $1.19 as well as killer pizza sauce for $1.99. 170 more words


My First Vegan Pizza!

Hello everyone,

I’m feeling a little proud of myself today. Last night I single-handledly made my own vegan pizza! Dough and all!

My toppings included sun-dried tomatoes, capers, white onion, mushroom, red pepper, fresh basil, spinach, dairy-free cream cheese (see below), and garlic. 358 more words

Vegan Eats

Quick Pizza For One

Here is a great way to eat pizza, and still get your veggies, without having gobs of greasy cheese and cooked foods that loose most of their nutritional value. 174 more words


Herta Pizza Dough

I love pizza. I mean, I really love pizza. Thing is, I’m too shy to ask for regular pizza places to make me a pizza without cheese (plus I’m never sure their crust is vegan) and I’m often too lazy to make my own dough. 133 more words


Vegan Italian Flatbread Pizzas

People who say vegans can’t eat comfort foods may be swayed by this recipe, I can assure you I was. Homemade pizza is my ultimate comfort food, it reminds me of watching my dad roll out the dough across the length of the kitchen counter and of TV dinners and summer holidays so you can imagine when I discovered that cheese was my biggest trigger for IBS I was pretty gutted. 667 more words

Anna Tries Homemade Vegan Pizza


Next to fries, it’s my favorite unhealthy food. It’s also so full of sodium and fat that I’ve decided to try a healthier alternative to cheese. 214 more words

Vegan Pizza Snails

Leftovers are dangerous. I generally hate leftovers, just because I can’t stop eating them. I have something against throwing away good food, edges of vegetables, this last few bites that no one wants to eat, and also the corners of the dough after making your pastry. 194 more words