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Rice Semolina Pancake (रवळी)

I never liked this healthy dessert during my childhood when my grandma used to prepare it for us. But now far from home, when nobody is forcing me to eat those dishes I disliked, I am really not sure if I am reminded of my… 220 more words


Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower "Wings"

We recently got some surprise gifts from our friend over at Meaty Vegan.  They sent us a whole bunch of insanely hot and flavorful spices and sauces.   362 more words


Baobab Bircher Muesli with Balsamic Roasted Cherries

Greetings from Krakow!  I have escaped the rain of Helsinki, for the rain of Poland!!  I have spent the day on a communist tour, travelling around in an old trabant and taking in the sites, culture and vodka! 365 more words

Esse Skincare - Cream Mask – June Box


Who is that masked woman? is she a superhero? Some sort of, wonder-woman-esque tribute? No, it’s just me in the mirror, talking to myself, with Esse Skincare’s Cream Mask on. 312 more words

How to Host a Vegan

It’s summertime, which means it’s family vacation season; road trips, theme park outings and family gatherings. With the rise of veganism in the United States, (1.6 million people in the United States currently identify as vegan); more and more folks find themselves wandering the grocery store isles aimlessly trying to figure out what the heck to have in the house for that vegan family member. 523 more words


Esse Skincare - Microderm Exfoliator – June Box


The dermis, or the skin, needs some push now and then, to feel fully clean and cleansed. Esse Skincare’s Microderm exfoliator includes tiny micro-particles (that are bio-degradable and enviro-friendly) to gently remove the yuckies from your face. 253 more words

Esse Skincare - Ultra Moisturiser – June Box


Welcome to the month of Esse! If you haven’t cottoned on, in June we are celebrating our collaboration with Esse Skincare, they have provided every product in our Good Green Box, and I’ve been burning through them quicker than tinder matches (was that a pun?). 403 more words