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Healthy Salads: Week 1- Fruit & Nut

When we are planning to lose weight or just eat healthy, the one advice we often get to hear is to eat five small meals instead of three big meals. 288 more words


Vegan Chickpea & Spinach Slimming World Curry

I recently tried out a new Slimming World vegan curry recipe and I absolutely loved it. The Chickpea and Spinach curry is super easy to make and is delicious. 267 more words

Just The Two of Us👯‍♀️

What do you know about double cleansing?) Maybe you know nothing; I sure as hell didn’t know anything about it. As per my last regime post, I cleansed twice a day with one product before embarking on the rest of my regime. 1,200 more words

We tried the Moving Mountains ‘bleeding’ B12 vegan burger

When we caught wind of the news that someone had developed a vegan burger patty that ‘bleeds through the middle’, we were intrigued. Very intrigued. 761 more words


The Food Price Myth

As usual, I was involved in some dumb fuckery on the interneds the other day wherein an Omnivore who was spouting off the usual “dang ol food stamps people got it better than I do” bullshit in reference to a “government” proposal to basically restart the “government cheese” movement of the 70’s and 80’s.   602 more words


Vegan Snack Options

I saw this post in my Vegan group on Facebook. I know that snacks can be a savior when on the road or in a rush. 184 more words

Daily Post

The Southsea Food Tour - The Southsea Deli

The Southsea Deli opened less than two weeks ago and is a unique place in Southsea – perhaps not for the reasons you may think. 988 more words