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MATAR ALOO (green peas & potato)

Matar Aloo is a classic North Indian dish made with green peas and potato simmered in tangy tomato and is made like a gravy or dry form. 300 more words


A Simple & Light Appetizer With Rosemary and Pomegranate

Easy Endive Boats With Rosemary, Cashew Cheese, Shaved Apple, And Pomegranate Seeds

This recipe comes from TheFullHelping.com and is a simple, easy-to-make appetizer that is a healthy and light way to ease the munchies before dinner. 189 more words



Good morning, Brie. It’s Monday.

I’m currently pedalling on my exercise bike. It has been so long since I did this that the batteries that power the disllay that shows speed/time/distance/calorie burn have died. 402 more words

Real Life

Meat Free Monday: Vegan Paella

I made this Paella to get a bit of sunshine back in my life! I miss the sun.

This colourful dish is full of veggies and super cheap to make. 86 more words


Tofu-Kale-Sweet Potato Scramble

I used this recipe (Popsugar.com, Jenny Sugar) with the following minor edits:

  • Spinach instead of kale (just because it’s cheaper), and a lot more than the recipe says, since it shrivels down so much.
  • 159 more words

Avocado with soy sauce

Oh avocado. I love you. No. No, I loave you, as Alvy Singer would say.

Sometimes I eat two of these babies a day. On toast, on nachos, with eggs, in sushi, in salad, but most often on their own. 140 more words


Coconut cookies

Who doesn’t like cookies?! These are paleo friendly and can be adjusted to be vegan too. for the vegan adjustment, check the star ingredient.
You will need: 167 more words