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Új kedvenc konyhai eszköz - VeganStar

Mindig is szerettem az olyan ételeket, amiket ugyan meg lehet venni a boltban, de nagyobb biztonsággal fogyasztom őket, ha én magam készítem el. Ilyen például a… 722 more words


Everyone loves noodles!

Tonight each of us had a different meal for tea… I worked and ate lunch at 2:30, so wasn’t hungry when Elsie was.

I made her noodles with green beans, carrot, broccoli and veggie hot dogs, as we had got so absorbed in watching The Cat Returns together I suddenly realised her tea time was meant to be half an hour ago…! 524 more words


Meet the runners


As some of you may know, I love to run. That’s why I started joining a running club. We run every Sunday, it doesn’t matter what kind of weather it is. 221 more words


Super Moist Vegan Chocolate Cake!

It was my birthday on Thursday (February 4th). I woke up to hand made cards from my girls and the small gift of a heart-shaped stone from Autumn and Kesa. 646 more words

Beautiful Life

Mediterranean Sweet Potatoes with Kale Salad

I love sweet potatoes. Like love them could eat them all day every day in any form love them. Quite like most other foods I used to hate them and now I can’t get enough. 469 more words


Įdarytos paprikos primityviai

Ant nosies kabėjo danų kalbos egzaminas, į kurį eiti Odeta nebuvo nusiteikusi. Dieną, skirtą mokslams, praleidome prie jūros, svarstydami – to go or not to go? 298 more words