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Will I raise my children to be vegan? 

Since going vegan, this question has cropped up a lot. The conundrum of whether I would raise my children to be vegans as well. In a short answer, yes. 260 more words


THE documentary to watch: Maximum Tolerated Dose

WOOHOO it’s the weekend, which means it’s time to sit back and relax!!!

If the weather by you is anything like the weather by me, all you probably want to do is curl up under a blanket with some tea (and hopefully a furry friend!) and watch a movie. 521 more words

Conveniently Vegan

I really just don't like wasps

So I was in the fitness room in my condo complex, and I’m totally jamming out, working that spin machine and sweating like I never have before. 387 more words


Crockpot Applesauce

Every year I go apple picking and get way too many apples.  I also always forget to look at the signs to know which trees are what, so I always have a random assortment of every kind.   168 more words


Blue Plate Special #60: Noochy Baked Tofu with Broccoli & Mixed Mashed Potatoes

I got the idea for baking tofu coated with nutritional yeast from someone on Instagram. What an easy and great idea. It’s literally just nooch. That means no oil, no gluten and no hassle. 117 more words


Mi a túró? Almás köles torta.

Tudtad, hogy a főtt köles megtévesztésig képes hasonulni a túrókrémes készítményekhez?

Ebben a tortában kihasználva ezen tulajdonságát bolondítottam édes-fanyar almakockákkal, mámorítottam kevés kardamommal, frissítettem citrom levével, héjával és selymesítettem vaniliával. 564 more words


8 months vegan journey

I went vegan in February 2016.

1. How do you do it?

This is probably the most common question people asked. I come from a background where meat is a necessity in every meal to the extend where I did not see vegetarian meal as a proper food that could fill me up. 394 more words