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I couldn't save the fish

A costumer had left a plastic bag of six tiny gold fish outside of our store today. Just sitting there in the heat, squished together in the bag full of luke warm water and their own feces. 287 more words


Cold Red Borscht

I am sure most of you, beautiful people, know what a borscht is. I am equally sure that everybody has a different idea of what it is. 966 more words

Kosher Cooking

Vegan lunch - Spinach Moringa Balls

Rice balls made with spinach and moringa topped with a sweet-sour tomato onion sauce and caperberries sidded by brown rice – delicious vegan weekend treat for food lovers… 6 more words


rawCheescake paradise

Long time no see my lovely plantbesties, I was really busy with life.
I know, shitty excuse… But to make it up to you I decided to share one brilliant recipe that is both – easy and healthy ( what more can you ask for? 320 more words



Veganniversary? Is that even a thing Meadow? I don’t know, but it is now!

It has been roughly one year since I said no to not only meat, but all animal products. 147 more words

Kiwifruit and Pear Smoothie

Kiwifruit Contains around 20 nutrients, including five times the vitamin C of an orange in one serving. It also has vitamin A, K, E and B, potassium, copper, folate, and fiber. 76 more words

Whole Grain Vegan Baking

The average adult only eats 15 grams of fiber per day. Women need 25 grams of fiber per day, and men need 38 grams of fiber per day.    

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