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Vegan Makeup Brands

If you are new to being vegan, you might not know that a lot of makeup companies still test on animals. I honestly have no idea why animals need to be tested for mascaras and lipsticks. 180 more words

Slavery and Slaughter

Since the very early navigations of DP, we have underscored the deep connection between the violence inflicted upon “food animals” and core human identity. Now comes  Paul Tritschler with an analysis of killing floor psychology.  724 more words


For those lazy days - Vegan on a Budget #2 | Easy Way to make Garlic Bread! Veganuary Day 19

Hi there,

As a human,  we all have lazy days. Days where we want to kick up our feet, lay down, there have been long days and we want food pronto. 393 more words


What is Antinatalism?

Amidst the cries, pains, and sufferings of the world, a new revolution is beginning to take root; this revolution is that of non-procreation. Veganism – a terribly important movement in its own right – may be seen, at least in one important sense, as a precursor to this, insofar as veganism rejects the breeding of other animals on the basis that they will suffer unacceptably. 477 more words


Super U Review & Smoothie Recipe

So if you follow my Instagram you will already know that I am obsessed with this brand.

Super U are a superfood health brand who make natural, nutritious powders that can be used in smoothies, smoothie bowls, breakfast bowls (etc). 276 more words


More about vegan terminology...

After my post I wrote about vegan terminology I felt that even though I said a lot, I have even more to say about it. First of all, is it really that important to use the terminology for everything? 1,609 more words


Hearty Tomato and Lentil Soup {Vegan/Plantbased}

Soup has always been my favourite type of food to eat and make, and no I haven’t been deprived of good food, but there is nothing like a warm bowl of soup on a cold winters day.   374 more words