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"Humans are herbivores!"-Except, not really.

So, Peta had done an article on their website (http://www.peta.org/living/food/natural-human-diet/)  proclaiming that humans are naturally herbivores.  Now I have no problems against vegetarians/vegans, but I do LOVE me some evolutionary biology, so I decided to go through the article and evaluate their claims that humans are naturally herbivores and not omnivores  where I examine the myriad of adaptations in humans to eat meat]. 1,785 more words


Evolutionary adaptations to meat-eating in humans.


This article reviews the some of the myriad of different genetic, physiological, morphological and nutritional adaptations in humans to eat meat.  These adaptations suggest human ancestors had a high reliance on meat and challenge the idea held by a substantial portion of the general public that humans are “naturally” herbivores and that our current meat-eating habit is facultative. 2,596 more words