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Instant Pot Vegetable Curry (Sayur Lodeh)

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged a recipe – this was somewhat out of my control as I have been travelling. Hubs had his dream golf trip to Pebble Beach, and I had the perks of being the accompanying person to drive the buggy, take pictures of the guys posing with their golf clubs on pristine greens, and chasing away the ravens and seagulls from our snacks. 876 more words


Vegetable curry

I mentioned some vegetable curry that went with my roti.¬† Well… how did I do it and what went into it….

I sauted plenty of garlic and onion in groundnut oil, added thin slices of ginger, added slivers of half a capsicum, a tablespoonful of my homemade… 32 more words


Nasi Lemak

Sundays are for indulging in your kids favorite food. So we woke up today and the kids requested Nasi Lemak.

Nasi Lemak is an Asian dish known for its fragrant rice(nasi) cooked with coconut milk (Lemak), accompanied by all your favourite dishes. 147 more words


Potato Curry

Who doesn’t love potatoes ? And still we all try to avoid potatoes. If your diet is heavy on potatoes and rice … hmm you know it all. 159 more words

Vegetable Curry

Palak Lima Beans - Vegan 

Are you the kind of adult who has to drink milk every day? Do you know what all kind of dairy products you eat everyday not realizing it’s after all dairy? 171 more words

Vegetable Curry